Queen of the Deen


By Umm Haneef


A queen is a very special woman who is unique and is one of her kind. This queen performs all her duties knowing that her role is clearly defined and greater than what any other ideology has provided for her. She is a woman of moral excellence and virtue. She maintains her dignity through Piety and obedience to Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW). She is a role model every believer hopes to emulate.

Do you want to know who this Queen is? She’s no other woman but you my dear sister who believes in Allah (SWT) and the last day.

My dear sisters, Islam has made you very special and most of us have forgotten this. Today I want to talk to you , but the real you, I don’t want to talk to the red lipsticks, the heavily made up faces, the massive heads( with tush),the loud chewing gums, I want to talk to the real you, your hearts and minds about things buried deep down in your hearts that you’ve forgotten.


Most people believe that a woman’s role is merely to stay at home but in addition to all that, she’s in fact raising a heroic new generation and just as the saying goes:”A woman is half the society and she gives birth to the other half, so she’s the society in her entirety”

Dear queens, you are royalties and so you deserve all the respect and honour there is; on the condition that you behave in a respect-worthy manner. One way to achieve this is by being at your best at all times and also by carrying yourself with dignity in all that you do 

The value of women in Islam can’t be overstated. For example, when the issue of marriage comes up, for a man to approach a woman, he MUST be granted permission from her Wali (Guardian). That sounds like the personality of an important person (Queen).

A queen is known to be at her best manners at all times. She’s always kind, humble, gentle, compassionate, neat, simple and generous. Dear royal highnesses take note of all these Queen-like qualities and always have them with you all the time.

Another important queen-like behavior is modesty. Modesty should govern all we do in life. Modesty in the way you dress, talk, and interact with the opposite gender (not everybody gets to shakes hands with a Queen). Just like the story of one of the two sisters that Musa (A.S) married. Allah tells us about her modesty in the Quran: “When one of them (one of the two sisters) came walking, upon modesty she said: my father invites you so that he may repay you for the drink that you granted us…” {Qasas 28:25} That is a lesson for all of us dear Queens.

Some of the most important people in the history of Islam were women like:
 * The first to accept Islam: Khadijah(R.A)
 * First to die for Islam: Summayya(R.A)
 * One of the greatest fighters: Khawlah bint Al-aswar(R.A) 
* One of the people who made the greatest sacrifice in one day: Khansaa(R.A) 
* The greatest Scholar: Aisha (R.A) 
* The one who loved the Prophet(SAW) the most: Fatima(R.A)

And other important women like Hasiya, Maryam {May Allah be pleased with them all}. Even in the Quran, an entire Surah was named after women; Suratul Nisa.

Be proud of your status and value which Islam has granted you. Your life is a precious jewel whose value can’t be measured, and just as the famous Arab quote:

“If people knew the true value of women, even men would wish to be women”


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