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☆The era of pre-wedding pics


This is ia a straight forward and frank message from an unknown sister. I usually don’t endorse this way of addressing people but no doubt she made it this way because this a much needed advice in this generation of ours. And ultimately because that we are not granted the next hour on this earth. May Allah (swt) bless her and  you too as you read it. Do enjoy reading….

People go round holding and smooching each other without marriage in the name of pre-wedding pics, how guaranteed are you that indeed you will pass today and get married tomorrow? Let’s say you are even alive, how guaranteed are you that Allah will not change your plans for you? How assured are you that tomorrow definitely you will get married? Have you stopped even for a while to think this man is my non Muharram? Do you even know what that means? The man you are thinking you are getting married to is not yet your HUSBAND! And You brother the lady you are thinking of getting married to is not yet your WIFE!! Basically, you don’t even feel that jealous when you see your would be wife’s body exposed, your friends looking at her boobs and shape and you are proud that you made the best choice because she is beautiful, has long hair, tall, slim, figure 8 and just exactly how you want her to be. Have you forgotten that this is Haram? Have you forgotten the verse of the Qur’an that says you should protect you and your family from hell fire? Have you forgotten the Hadith that says he who does not feel jealous of his wife will not enter paradise? Have you forgotten you are here in this world for a purpose and that purpose is to Worship and Submit yourself only to Allah? Have you forgotten the purpose of your existence? Have you forgotten the day of judgement? By snapping these pictures you are inviting others to do the same, you will also get punished for their actions because you were part of it.
Oh My Dear sister and brother, I have used my hand to correct the bad I have seen as I was instructed to do, I have removed the burden of not telling you the truth from my head, I pray that Allah guide us to the straight path, I pray that this will be a reminder for you, that you will repent and In Shaa Allah we will meet in Jannah, my dear sister and brother Wallahi I love you and I want to see you and your family walk to paradise with angels accompanying to paradise. I pray we meet in Jannah and I pray this serves as a reminder to you
and the people around you.
Please pass this to as many people as you can, may Allah reward you abundantly. Amin