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Ibn al-Jawzi said:

From the wonders that I see from myself and all other people is inclination towards heedlessness of what is in our hands, despite us knowing how short life is and despite us knowing the fact that increase of reward over there (the Hereafter) is tied to the deeds performed over here.

So, O soul! O you whose life is so short! Take advantage of these days of mine, and wait for the Day when all shall flee, and beware of preoccupying your heart with what it has not been created for.

Carry the burdens of your soul over the times of bitterness, and tame it if refuses. Do not let it roam freely for long because indeed you are only within a pasture.

Certainly, despicable is the person who lies between two rows and yet preoccupies himself with other than them.

Source: Sayd al-Khatir, Page 301

….From the wise sayings Sufyan Ath-thawree

….From the wise sayings Sufyan Ath-thawree

If you love your (Muslim) brother for the sake of Allaah, then give him generously from your self and your wealth. Stay far away from arguments, quarrels, and disputes; otherwise, you will become a wrongdoer, a transgressor, and a deceiver.

Be patient at all times and in all places, for patience leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise. Do not become angry and furious, for those two emotions lead to wickedness, and wickedness leads to the Hellfire.

Do not argue with a scholar, for that will lead to him loathing you. Being able to visit scholars (and learn from them) is a mercy, and cutting oneself off from them means that one is bringing down upon himself the wrath of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’Aalaa). Verily, the scholars are the treasurers of the Prophets (peace be upon them) and are also their inheritors.

Imaam Sufyaan Ath-Thawree


May Allaah Have Mercy Upon Him (1/3)

☆ Be truthful at all times and in all places. Stay away from lying and from deception, and do not sit alongside liars and deceivers, for all such deeds are sins. My brother, be careful not to show off, either in speech or in deed, for showing off is shirk itself (shirk being to associate partners with Allaah in worship). Do not be conceited, for even a good deed is not raised (to the heavens) if any conceitedness is involved in it.

☆ Take your religion only from one who is sincerely and compassionately concerned about his own religious guidance. The example of a scholar who is not concerned about his own religious well-being is that of a sick doctor: If he cannot treat his own disease, then how can he treat the diseases of others? Likewise, if one is not concerned about his own religious well-being, then how can he be concerned about the religious well-being of others?

☆ My brother, your religion is nothing more than your flesh and blood. Cry out of concern for your soul and have mercy on it; if you do not have mercy on it, then mercy will not be shown to it.

☆ Sit only in the company of one who advises you to desire little from this world and who encourages you to put your hopes in the Hereafter. Take care not to sit with worldly people who speak constantly about worldly affairs; such people will ruin your religious well-being and will corrupt your heart.

☆ Remember death frequently, and just as frequently ask Allaah to forgive you for your past sins. Ask Allaah to keep you safe for the remainder of your life. My brother, develop a good character and noble manners.

☆ Do not act contrary to the jamaa’ah (the general body of Sunni Muslims), for goodness and safety are the consequences of being in harmony with the jamaa’ah. Someone who strives constantly for this world is like a person who builds one home and destroys another.

☆ Give sincere advice to every believer who asks you a question regarding his religion. And never hide good advice to someone who asks you about a matter that leads to the good pleasure of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’Aalaa).

☆ If you love your (Muslim) brother for the sake of Allaah, then give him generously from your self and your wealth. Stay far away from arguments, quarrels, and disputes; otherwise, you will become a wrongdoer, a transgressor, and a deceiver

The contemplative believer


The contemplative believer who remembers Allah will begin to enjoy solitude & places of seclusion where voices & movements are hushed.

There he will find strength of heart & will, and he will no longer be worried & depressed. Then he will begin to taste the sweetness of worship, of which he cannot have enough.

In it, he will find abundance of pleasure and comfort – more than what he used to find in diversion & play, or in the satisfaction of the worldly desires. [Ibn Al Qayyim, rahimahullah in Madaarij As-saalikeen]



Beware of the anger of Allah regarding three matters: Beware of being negligent in those things that He has commanded you to do. Beware of the moment when Allah sees you while you are not pleased with the share of worldly things that He has decreed for you. And beware of this: That you should seek out something from this world, and when you do not get that thing, you become angry at your Lord.

Sufyaan Ath-Thaurree Source: The Biography of Sufyaan Ath-Thaurree, Page 93



“The angels were created with intellect but no desires, the animals were created with desires but no intellect, and the human being was created with both intellect and desires. For this reason, whoever’s intellect conquers his desires is better than the angels, and whoever’s desires conquer his intellect then the animals are better than him.”

[Majmu’ al-Fatawa: 15/428, from the words of Abu Bakr ‘Abdul’Aziz and others]



Sayings of the salaf

“Is there anyone as privileged as you, Oh son of Adam!? The only thing that is standing in your way is water and a quiet place for prayer. Whenever you like, all you have to do is purify yourself and you can enter upon your Lord, with no guards standing in your way and in no need of a translator.” – Bakr ibn Abdullah al-Muzani