A Prescribed Injection

Each difficulty in life, each pain and each tear we shed is a form of MERCY. I like to look at it as an injection prescribed by our creator to be cured of the diseases of our hearts. It is through the hardships that we gain strength, patience and new insights. The trials and tribulations chip away at our flaws and shortcomings leaving us purified and ever more aware. This awareness leads us to be more grateful, more cautious and more wise. Embrace the difficulties with the anticipation of becoming a better person! -Haleh Banani

Proper Understanding

Whoever wants to have everlasting peace and well-being with no affliction does not understand the meaning of Allaah’s commandments, nor does he perceive the meaning of submission to Allaah. Every soul (either believing or disbelieving) shall inevitably taste suffering in this world, for this life is based on hardships. Man lives between comfort and suffering.

‘Ibn al-Jawzi’