Be Patient & Humble

Call to good, and be patient if they don’t listen. Strive to be humble and remember the time when you were lost and misguided, and it was purely by His Mercy & Grace that you could walk on the Path of Light.

Most of all, refrain from passing conclusive judgements on others! We have not been made lords over others to decide their fate on the Day of Judgement.

It says in al-Saheeh that a man said: “By Allah, Allah will not forgive So and so. Allah said: ‘Who is the one who swore by Me that I will not forgive So and so? I have forgiven So and so and I have cancelled out your good deeds.”


The Amatullah In You


I see you coming in your boyfriend’s car dressed in your fashionable hijab, your head high up like a camel’s hump.

You listen to the latest music without a care in the world, living life to the fullest is your goal.

You’re so caught up in this life’s illusion, you want the latest shoes and the most expensive clothes. Your only talk is what she’s doing and what he’s got.

But I look at you for what you truly are, a muslimah, an aabida.

The people around you may not see it, you yourself may not see it because you look at the exterior while I look at the interior.

I know beyond that tight fitting abaya and the red lipstick is an amatullah who loves Allah(SWT) and His messenger, who wants to submit wholeheartedly to Him.

I know that deep inside is my modest sister in islam who wants to maintain her chastity and above all, wants to make it to jannah.

I see you as someone who has succumbed to her desires and fallen victim to the society’s evils, but I look at you as someone who can fight off that satan and defeat her nafs.

My dear sister, I know you can do it! I know that you can clean that heavy make up and stop shaving those eyebrows.

I know you’re capable of breaking off that haram relationship and maintain your modesty.

I know you’re better than to post pictures of yourself all over the internet for strange men to gaze upon.

I know that you can submit fully to Allah and be that superb muslimah that you are destined to be!

So come on my sister don’t be shy, you have kept it in for so long it’s time to let it out, release the Amatullah in you.

A Deensister!


If the CEO of your company called you out of the blue for a meeting, it would probably be the most important meeting of your professional career. You wouldn’t dare to be late or untidy. In the meeting, you wouldn’t dare to look bored or disinterested.

Now compare this to your attitude in salaah (prayer). Is it the same, less, or more?

By Allah, I assure that the Keys of the Heavens and the Earth are in our Lord’s Hands. There is no matter but that it is under His complete control. There is nothing you desire except that He has it in His Power to give. There is nothing you fear but that He can save you from it.

And He wants to meet YOU exclusively five times a day.

Do the math and act wisely. Make salaah the most important appointment of your day.

Who said life was a good teacher?

Life taught us: only if you call Me I will call you. If you give me a gift, I will give you. If you congratulate me on an occasion, I will do the same. But when was “life” a good teacher? Don’t be a merchant calculating things as when you sell and buy. Be generous and give without expecting anything In return. Allah says about those who give in charity: “We feed you only for Allah’s sake; we do not seek of you any recompense or thanks”. Be the one with the upper hand. Let your deeds be initiatives and not mere reactions!