The Advice Of All Times

Advice from Abu Bakr, the 1st khalifa of Islam (on his death bed), to Umar, the 2nd khalifa of Islam, may Allah be pleased with both of them:

♢ Fear Allah, O ‘Umar, and know that Allah has deeds to be done for Him in the day which He will not accept if done at night, and He has deeds to be done for Him at night which He will not accept if done during the day.

He will not accept extra (nâfilah) deeds unless you fulfill the obligatory deeds. 

♢ The scales of those whose scales will be weighty on the Day of Resurrection will only be weighty because they followed the truth in this life and it was weighty to them.

And scales in which the truth will be placed tomorrow truly deserve to be heavy.

And the scales of those whose scales will be light on the Day of Resurrection will only be light because they followed falsehood in this life and it was a light matter to them.

And scales in which falsehood will be placed tomorrow truly deserve to be light.

♢ Allah the Exalted has mentioned the people of Paradise and mentioned them in the context of their best deeds, and overlooked their evil deeds, so when I remember them I say to myself: I fear that I will not be included with them.

And Allah the Exalted has mentioned the people of Hell and mentioned them in the context of their worst deeds and rejected their best deeds, so when I remember them I say: I hope I won’t be amongst them. 

Allah’s worshippers should always be in a state of hope and fear, they shouldn’t wish flimsy wishes about Allah and neither should they despair of Allah’s mercy.

♢ If you keep to this advice of mine, no one who is not with you now should be more beloved to you than death – and it is sure to come to you. 

But if you disregard this advice, no one who is not with you now should be more hated to you than death – and you cannot escape it.- Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq on his deathbed to ‘Umar bin khattab (May Allah be pleased with them)

☆The era of pre-wedding pics

This is ia a straight forward and frank message from an unknown sister. I usually don’t endorse this way of addressing people but no doubt she made it this way because this a much needed advice in this generation of ours. And ultimately because that we are not granted the next hour on this earth. May Allah (swt) bless her and  you too as you read it. Do enjoy reading….

People go round holding and smooching each other without marriage in the name of pre-wedding pics, how guaranteed are you that indeed you will pass today and get married tomorrow? Let’s say you are even alive, how guaranteed are you that Allah will not change your plans for you? How assured are you that tomorrow definitely you will get married? Have you stopped even for a while to think this man is my non Muharram? Do you even know what that means? The man you are thinking you are getting married to is not yet your HUSBAND! And You brother the lady you are thinking of getting married to is not yet your WIFE!! Basically, you don’t even feel that jealous when you see your would be wife’s body exposed, your friends looking at her boobs and shape and you are proud that you made the best choice because she is beautiful, has long hair, tall, slim, figure 8 and just exactly how you want her to be. Have you forgotten that this is Haram? Have you forgotten the verse of the Qur’an that says you should protect you and your family from hell fire? Have you forgotten the Hadith that says he who does not feel jealous of his wife will not enter paradise? Have you forgotten you are here in this world for a purpose and that purpose is to Worship and Submit yourself only to Allah? Have you forgotten the purpose of your existence? Have you forgotten the day of judgement? By snapping these pictures you are inviting others to do the same, you will also get punished for their actions because you were part of it.
Oh My Dear sister and brother, I have used my hand to correct the bad I have seen as I was instructed to do, I have removed the burden of not telling you the truth from my head, I pray that Allah guide us to the straight path, I pray that this will be a reminder for you, that you will repent and In Shaa Allah we will meet in Jannah, my dear sister and brother Wallahi I love you and I want to see you and your family walk to paradise with angels accompanying to paradise. I pray we meet in Jannah and I pray this serves as a reminder to you
and the people around you.
Please pass this to as many people as you can, may Allah reward you abundantly. Amin

One Day At A Time


Being a last born, there’s so much I get to see and witness at a young age. I get to know a lot of things that most people my age don’t know; the good, the bad and the ugly stuffs. 
I’m the last born of a family of six girls, and with girls, there’s usually much more drama. 
I’ve witnessed my sisters go through heartbreaks; I’ve seen my AS-sister say goodbye to her dream guy for fear of Sickle-celled children, I’ve seen another marry the love of her life and still get separated from him and I’ve seen another experience the demise of the man she thought she was going to marry. 
And also, living at my sister’s, when her friends come, I get to hear all about the marital life, mostly the negatives. The fighting, the cheating, the problems, the chaos,etc 

So for a while I became a pessimist, I couldn’t dream about fairy tales cause apparently they don’t exist. Even when I wrote stories, I wrote them with sad endings. I just started worrying about problems before they even came. I would sit down and contemplate for hours about where or when my tests would come, was I going to get sick and become bedridden? Was poverty my test? Was I going to get kicked out of Med school? Was I going to end up in a loveless marriage or an abusive marriage or not even get married at all? Was it going to come from children? Would I not have them or would they turn out bad? I just thought about all the possible bad things that could happen and began worrying about them before their arrival.

But lately, I’m trying to stop this attitude of overthinking, it just ruins your current happiness. I stumbled upon a quote that I’m taking as my life motto now; 

‘Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24hrs in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be’.


I find this quote really inspiring wallah, the simple message is to take life one day at a time. Don’t think beyond the 24hrs in front of you, let tomorrow come before you can worry about it. 

And i take ‘where you want to be’ as in Allah’s good books I.e Jannah so I try to live everyday in obedience to Allah. Because that is the ultimate goal. It would really be a shame to go through this unpleasant life and end up in a place far worse; Jahannam. 
I’ve realised that this life is really uncool, for everybody, even if you have a seemingly perfect life, you might have a relative or a friend that is in a dilemma and you’d be obliged to feel down too. Everyone is fighting one battle or the other in this life; the muslim and non-muslim, the female and the male, the pious and the wrong-doers,etc So it’s better to live a life of obedience to Allah so that you can rest in the eternal life to come.

I guess if I can go through the hurdles of life, the tests, the calamities, the delights, the pain and the heartbreaks and still remain in Allah’s good books, then I would have been successful.

In conclusion, I’d like to advice myself and whoever is reading this; 
Live! Don’t just exist. 
Go out and do something great! Don’t just sit around waiting for life to get you. 
Enjoy the beautiful moments in life because life has a lot of such to offer, don’t ruin your present happiness by predicting future sadness. 
Enjoy the fun times with your family and don’t keep thinking that it’ll end soon; 
dance at your wedding and don’t be gloomy because your husband might change in the long run; 
shower your children with love and care and don’t keep anticipating whether they’ll turn out good or not. This life is not perfect; it’s not perfectly good and it’s not perfectly bad. 
Don’t overthink things. Your life has already been planned by Allah.
And when your test arrive, look to the Qur’an and Sunnah for ways to deal with it.
Don’t let your tests make you go further away from Allah, rather let them bring you closer to Him. 
And finally, don’t loose sight of the ultimate goal! 
Keep your eyes on the prize; Jannah!

Umm Saabir

Hadith of the Day

Anas b. Malik (RadhiAllâhu ‘Anhu) reported that:Allah’s Messenger (SallAllâhu ‘Alaihi Wasallam) said: “In Paradise there is a street to which they would come every Friday. The north wind will blow and would scatter fragrance on their faces and on their clothes and would add to their beauty and loveliness, and then they would go back to their family after having an added lustre to their beauty and loveliness, and their family would say to them: By Allah, you have been increased in beauty and loveliness after leaving us, and they would say: By Allah, you have also increased in beauty and loveliness after us.[Sahih Muslim Book 40, Number 6792]:



Seeking Ilm is the way to go, knowledge is power, not just for show.
How is it that we know nothing about our final abode?
Where we will remain forever, never will it go. Indulge in anything that our heart desires… Execeptional..
Expect it all.
But really though?
Why is that we grew up being scared of it all?
No one never told us about the beauty of Jannah before.
Never even knew of Jannatul Firdaus.
So how are we expected to desire that which we do not know of?
Lemme tell you ’bout it all.
It’s a garden beneath which rivers flow.
Rivers of wine, honey and milk, just so, you know.
It’s a garden of bliss.
Tranquility that’s impossible to dismiss.
Completely contrary to that in the pits.
Of Jahannam, so let’s avoid this.
Now let’s talk about the width. The distance between two grades out of a hundred, is that of the distance between the heavens and the earth.
If we were to speak of the value of this reward, none of us would be worth-y, to enter a garden so great, granted from His mercy.
You get me? A goal so big that it’s worth this life journey.
A reward for each, male or female, treated equally.
But not in the same manner, for the men Allah created hooris.
Untouched, fair females created by the One and Only
Women made of sapphire to please thee. If she were to spit into the oceans, the waters would taste sweet.
Mouth like honey, when she speaks.
Voluptuous and child-free. Restraining their glances, big eyes, so  enchanting. Eggs well preserved.
Like nothing you’ve ever observed, so brothers you should be thanking.
Now time for the Muslim sister, you didn’t think Allah would forget ya? Did ya?
Your reward will be that too, unimaginable.
However our reward is inapplicable.
Allah does not tell us precisely.
It is said out of sheer modesty.
We are not told exactly.
But it’ll definitely be, something beyond satisfactory.
Palaces and palm trees. Drinking wine and parties.
Fruits which hang low, on trees they will grow, thereof you will eat, no hardships, just ease.
No more slander or pain, views of Allah’s face.
This is a place, called Jannah

By Samina,
Instagram: @saminaminaa  Twitter @beautyishijaab_