By Umm Yunus

…And they claim to love me for who I am, but, I don’t even know that myself.

There used to be a dichotomy between my wants and needs, but now, that too has been blurred.

There was once a place I called home, but now, I stand, lost and on my own.

I swear I tried to be someone, but, it’s much easier being no one.

I think I’ve forgotten where I’ve come from, I need to be reminded of who I am..

Who I used to be.

Behind the veil (poem)

Written by ·AmazingDeen·

Behind the veil
There she is, eyes like none you can’t see
Too beautiful to be seen
She’s draped and elegant
Walks with feather steps
Untouchable she is
Woe unto thee!
Who tries to pull her cover
She has beauty like no other

Behind the veil
Crescent face, eyes that beam with noor
She’s not meant to be seen by a fool
All black everything she rocks with pride
She is your very mysterious bride
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
But you have no right to touch her

Behind the veil
Oh what a lady, such a beauty
Eyes speak like a deity
Make way while she passes by
Her beauty might make you cry
She doesnt want attention
You might end up in detention
Glory be to God, for He is beautiful
And so He creates beautiful creatures!

“Allah commands the women to draw over themselves their jilbaab (cloaks) when going out and around their Non-Mahram (non relatives).”