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The Illusion of ‘having fun’.


I was discussing with a sister recently and she was narrating an encounter she had with some other sisters at a wedding. She was discussing with a sister about how it’s wrong to dance (if it’s in a mixed gathering) and the other sisters, as if waiting for the opportunity, started getting at her. They were telling her that she shouldn’t be so uptight and rigid, she should lighten up and be happy. So she asked them ‘Do I look unhappy to you?’ and then one of them replied, ‘well, you’re boringly happy’. They had a laugh and the conversation ended.
As she was narrating the incidence to me, I recalled the several times I had similar encounters too, of people telling me to loosen up and ‘have fun’. People assume being a practicing muslim is weird and boring, like we don’t enjoy life.  And I wish that people could be me for a day and see that I do ‘have fun’ ; halal fun. See there’s no ‘fun’ in disobeying Allah. That type of fun only leaves us feeling guilty afterwards, and if we don’t feel guilty after disobeying Allah then we should check our hearts ; they may be physically alive but spiritually dead.


But we’re normal human beings too, we want to loosen the hijab a lil too and get the attention, date the bad boys, listen to music and dance, ‘have fun’ too.
But then what happens? We have fun, and then we die? Because no one can deny death. And we get questioned for all the ‘fun’ we had. See the issue is we’re all going to die, we’re all going to be questioned in the grave and we all have one God to answer too; those who ‘had fun’ and those who were ‘boringly happy’.

I was once advising a friend of mine about the camel hump hijab style and she was not bothered and told me ‘our deeds are never going to be enough to get us to Jannah anyway’. I honestly felt like smacking her! How can we use that as an excuse to disobey Allah? Granted, our deeds will never be sufficient to get us to jannah, it is only by Allah’s mercy that we can attain it. But what do you think will attract Allah’s mercy? Your good deeds or your bad deeds? Do we honestly think that we can go about living life breaking Allah’s commands and expect His mercy on Yaumul Qiyamah? Have you forgotten that there are the likes of Umar bin khattab, Abubakar As-siddiq, Fatima(RA) and imam Ahmad in our ummah? Imagine if on the Day of the Judgement you get called up after someone like Ibn Qayyim or Imam shafi’e, how do you think your questioning will go? What excuses will we give Allah as to why we disobeyed Him?
Sometimes we ought to view our sacrifices as the cases that we can present to Allah azza-wa-jall; when He (SWT) calls out our numerous sins and all we can answer is guilty Ya Rabb, guilty, perhaps we can plead with Him and tell Him that we gave up and so and so for His sake, we did so and so for His sake.

As Imam Omar Suleiman said in one of his lectures, ‘Anybody can do good deeds, anybody can give sadaqah and read Qur’an, the real challenge is giving up bad deeds’.
We should always look to those above us in the deen and not those below us.

So you see my dear brothers and sisters, there’s no use in having fun at the expense of Allah’s pleasure, we’re going to be held accountable for the ‘fun’ we had and God forbid we get to experience the torment of Jahannam because of it. The only fun worth having is the kind where you’re still in Allah’s good books even after it.
And let’s also try and make sacrifices for the sake of Allah. Let’s try and leave that sin or bad habit that we are more aware of so that we may earn Allah’s pleasure and His mercy on the Day of Judgement.
May Allah guide us all and make the following of guidance easy for us, ameen.
Assalama alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
Your sister in Deen,
Umm Saabir.