Standing like a tree

Written by ·Fatima Modibbo·

From the earth
mother nature bore me

A simple seed
I knew no need

Rain befell me
Showers quenched me
Sunlight brightened every part of my being
I went slowly
I grew steadily
In the safe depths of warmth I bloomed

I knew no pain, nothing ailed me all I knew was the beautiful light of day Then I broke the surface
The world claimed me
Gone were the days of yesterday

In a sea of giants
I struggled In the depth of darkness! I drowned
Couldn’t wait to get here
Now I’m stranded

All alone standing like a tree
Harsh winds buffet me
I stand strong I’ve never been one to break

Hope surrounds me
Peace is within

I’m going to find my saving grace,

After struggle, there is fulfillment
After sadness, there is reprieve
After sorrow, there is solace

I’m going to sand tall and strong like a tree
By His showers, I shall grow stronger
By His mercy I’ll continue to breathe
By His grace I will strive harder

I’ll fight for what i believe When dealt a heavy hand, I shall take heart
When knocked to my knees I’ll pray
By His remembrance I’ll hold firmly the rope to my faith

From a seedling to a tree
From cradle to grave

Our one sustenance is the Holy

He brings forth from the night a blessed day
When sadness threatens to hold me He shimes on me from the light, a ray Through everything, through the blackest days, I’ll stand firmly

By His majesty’s grace I’ll stand tall and ever humble

I’ll stand like a patient tree…