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🍂 Poetic Saturday 🍂

Hassan bin Thaabit, a poet from Arabia, was paid off by the kuffar to go and stare at the Prophet ﷺ, then to vilify him by writing demeaning poetry about him. Poetry, unlike many other forms of expression, were memorized and spread quickly and widely throughout the community.

It is for this reason that the enemies of the Prophet ﷺ found that this would be the best weapon against our beloved. Hassan bin Thaabit, finding this to be a fairly simple task, sought out the Prophet and perceived his every move trying to find the content for a slandering poem.

After some time of watching the Prophet, Hassan bin Thaabit realized that he couldn’t do this. He couldn’t write a slanderous poem about a man whom he admired so much and whom he only saw good from. He returned to the enemies of the Prophet, gave them back their money, and became Muslim. He was then one of the most famous poets amongst the Muslims, and rather than write poetry against the Prophet he produced the most eloquent words praising him, like this one. SubhanAllah!

‘When I saw his light shining forth, In fear I covered my eyes with my palms, Afraid for my sight because of the beauty of his form. So I was scarcely able to look at him at all.

The lights, from his light, are drowned and his face shines out like the sun and moon in one. A spirit of light lodged in a body like the moon, a mantle made up of brilliant shining stars. I bore it until I could bear it no longer. I found the taste of patience to be like bitter aloes.

I could find no remedy to bring me relief other than delighting in the sight of the one I love. Even if he had not brought any clear signs with him, the sight of him would dispense with the need for them.

Muhammad is a human being but not like other human beings. Rather he is a flawless diamond and the rest of mankind is just stones. Blessings be on him so that perhaps God may have mercy on us on that burning Day when the Fire is roaring forth its sparks.’- Hasan bin Thabit


O Youth of Today

O Youth of Today

❄ Poetic Saturday ❄

O youth of today,

What has made you to forget your duty to your Lord? Who created you and to whom you shall return. Don’t you remember your purpose in life? To worship Him and Him alone?

O Youth of Today,

What has made your sins seem so fair seeing to you? Why do you make excuses for your sins? Calling them minor forgetting that they lead to the major. You have become so accustomed to sinning that it’s like wiping a fly of your nose.

O Youth of Today,

Fear Allah with regards to your time.

You waste your time in frivolous activities, Idolizing footballers, actors and musicians: Those who despise your religion & your prophet (SAW).

Will you not take heed to our prophet’s Advice ”Take advantage of your youth before your old age”?

O Youth of Today,

Where are you heading towards?

The Garden of eternal bliss wherein lies all your heart’s desires; of which the righteous are promised? or the fire of jahannam where in lies a great torment; a promise to those who disobey Allah?

O Youth of Today,

O Abdullah,O Amatullah,

I fear for you. You have been guided to Islam yet you choose to follow shaytan and his allies. You have abandoned the Qur’an and replaced it with music, the devil’s voice. You find pleasure in disobeying Allah rather than His obedience.

O Youth of Today,

Remember Allah and fear Him as He should be feared. Turn to Him before you return to Him and Seek His forgiveness for indeed He is all Forgiving, The Most Merciful.

O you who believe! 

O you who believe! 

✨ Poetic Saturday ✨
O you who believe! 
Why do you indulge in the sins of this life? 

In them is fire and difficulties in the hereafter. 
Why do you find shade in this world? 

Only to burn yourself in the heat of eternity. 
Why do you drink as though the sweetness will never end? 

Death brings a bitter cup of pure poison personified. 
Why do you spend day and night in play? 

Your shroud is being prepared and your grave awaits, if you did but know. 
Why do you find comfort with your possessions? 

They lead to a bed of fire and a blanket of flames. 
O you who believe! 
Enjoin good and forbid evil, the agony of death is coming. 

Why do you delay until you become a prisoner to your sins? 

Held underground, a companion to worms. 

Repent for you shortcomings while your tongue still moves and your heart still beats. 

Where are our neighbours and love ones, where have they gone? 
Repent sincerely. 

Ask Allah for His Mercy and Blessings in the hereafter, that you may be of those who are successful. 

Each moment, the arrows of death strike at people unprepared, 

Dragging their souls from their bodies. 

They wish they could come back; but this avails them not. 
You are a target being acquired. 

Your arrow is being sharpened. 
Stand tall and be of those who say, “I am ready to be taken, I have prepared well. 

Insha’Allah better awaits me! My Lord never wrongs His slaves.” 
O you who believe! 

Remember death often. For verily death calls out to you each morning, 

“O Son of Adam, have you forgotten me?!? I will be your abode!” 

This call will be answered. 
O you who believe! 

As Allah’s Beloved (PBUH) said, “Remember often the destroyer of pleasures. Death. 

For no-one remembers death in times of hardship but that makes him feel better. 

And no-one remembers death in times of ease, but that restrains him.” 
O you who believe! 
Act now, before it is too late.

Give Glad Tidings to the Strangers

Give Glad Tidings to the Strangers

🌼 Poetic Saturday 🌼 
TITLE: Give Glad Tidings to the Strangers

Sure, a flower can bloom under a shimmering sunrise,
Well nurtured by warm kisses and cloudless skies,
And yet, it’s the other flower that draws my eyes – 
One that grows out of the rubble – an unrecognized prize.

Its stem stands straight in a most defiant way,
Leaves pointed up to the heavens brazenly,
And while all else that surrounds it is dead and grey, 
It continues to live – to strive – defiantly.

Such is the true believer, a sight to behold – 
Strong and steadfast, not by the dunya controlled,
He knows it is filled with temptations, but he won’t be undersold,
Because he recognizes the superficial shine as mere fool’s gold.

Do not be common, “like everyone else”, dear Muslim!
Smile always and let the people call you strange,
Let them know that you are dedicated to this deen,
That you are not easily swayed by the “wind of change”.

Be like that flower in a sea of dark obscuration,
Be a brave example of hope and good ambition,
You have the truth, you have courage and definition.
Do as Muhammad PBUH did, and preach this deen to anyone who’ll listen.
And do not, dear Muslim, give in at the first sign of resistance,
A believer is made of little more than persistence,
The hotter the fire, the stronger the metal,
Accept from yourself nothing but the best; and never ever settle.

The Veil (Al Hejab) lyrics

The Veil (Al Hejab) lyrics

💖 Poetic Saturday 💖
Let them say about my veil
That it’s killing my youth
Let them exaggerate in blaming me

I belong to Religion
No, I swear I would never care

My firm will is like the mountain
What is meant by beauty

If it is easy to get
They tried to deceive me

I shouted at them to leave me
I will remain in my decency

I will never accept impudence
They will never affect my pride

I am the symbol of purity
I walk in the light of piety

Behind the best prophet
I have a proud soul

That rejects lowliness
In my path, brother

Somaya is the ideal
I am guided by Religion

Our source is pure, sister
Our path is a path of chastity

Follow it without fears
Our Religion is symbol of virtue

It never accepts vice
You are the respectable daughter of Religion

You are the descendant of notables
By my veil and decency

I impose my self-respect
I will go ahead

And never care about blames
           ~ Ahmed Bukhatir

~~~My Lord~~~

~~~My Lord~~~

🌹 Poetic Saturday 🌹
He is my Lord, 

He who shelters me, –
A wayfaring soul,

Lost in the depths of my darkness, 

My sins overcame me, 

I was straying from Him heedless, –
He is my Lord,

He who mends me, –
When I fell in to the pits, 

Of grief and heartbreak, 

Whilst people judged me, 

He raised me up, 

And overlooked my mistakes, –
He is my Lord,

He who uplifts me, –
Loss surrounded me, 

Feeling alone and afraid,

Yet His mercy embraced me, 

And the loneliness soon began to fade, . –
He is my Lord, 

He who protects me, –
People cast me in to a ditch of sorrow, 

Words harder than stones, 

Glances sharper than arrows, 

Yet He did not leave me on my own, –
He is my Lord, 

He who comforts me, –
When I had no friend, 

No benefactor to seek council from, 

He granted me solace, 

A place I could call home, –
He is my Lord, 

He who loves me, 

My Allah is Al Wadood,

My Loving Master,

He is my Lord, 

He who nurtures me, 

Hence He is my Rabb, –
He is my Lord, 

He is my Ilaah, 

He is my Allah, 

He is the One who loves me.

**Muslim of Today**

**Muslim of Today**

🍂 Poetic Saturday 🍂
**Muslim of Today**
O Muslim of today

Full of greed and lust

Have you ever pondered that…

We’re all going through rust?

Have you looked at that Quran?

On your shelf full of dust!

Have you ever wondered this?

That praying Salaah is a must!

Can you really get admission?

In Jannah with this condition!

For Allah uses reason!

Before time passes for this season!

And then begins the test!

In the grave where you’ll rest!

When you’ll dearly wish 

A single Salah you hadn’t missed 

But no one would hear the cry

No matter how hard you try

But right now, there is chance

For your character to enhance

The Shaytaan you have to fight

Make your soul so bright

That it emits a shining light

On the day when there is no light!

So pray to Allah 

And establish Salaah

So that you may get the ultimate prize

The Promised Land in PARADISE!

In sha Allah!