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**Muslim of Today**

**Muslim of Today**

🍂 Poetic Saturday 🍂
**Muslim of Today**
O Muslim of today

Full of greed and lust

Have you ever pondered that…

We’re all going through rust?

Have you looked at that Quran?

On your shelf full of dust!

Have you ever wondered this?

That praying Salaah is a must!

Can you really get admission?

In Jannah with this condition!

For Allah uses reason!

Before time passes for this season!

And then begins the test!

In the grave where you’ll rest!

When you’ll dearly wish 

A single Salah you hadn’t missed 

But no one would hear the cry

No matter how hard you try

But right now, there is chance

For your character to enhance

The Shaytaan you have to fight

Make your soul so bright

That it emits a shining light

On the day when there is no light!

So pray to Allah 

And establish Salaah

So that you may get the ultimate prize

The Promised Land in PARADISE!

In sha Allah!


Not Good Enough 

Not Good Enough 

🌼 Poetic Saturday 🌼
Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough,

Like what I’ve done and what I’ve been given just don’t add up.

I feel like I am not worthy of Allah’s mercy,

I’m Constantly making mistakes knowingly.

Its true when they say its hard to go from rebellion to conformity,

But Islam is different, its not just following rules, its about following Allah

Everything he does for us is all out of His mercy

And I’m thankful, and praise be to He, for he sees what I don’t see.
I am just a girl, just a sister, just a daughter, just a Muslimah

Who lived a life of hardship but of no comparison to others

Yet You saw something in me, bringing me from darkness to light

It brings me to tears to know that YOU have chosen ME.

Of all people, You made me feel special.

I really must remember that whenever I’m down and feel worthless

No one can be worthless if Allah has chosen them, in fact they are priceless.

In which they have a purpose.

And they shall fulfill it.

And I will fulfill mine insha’Allah.



🍁Poetic Saturday 🍁*Shared*
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? You come to me with beautiful songs of marriage, dangling colorful petals of sunnah words before my eager ears but days pass by and you grow silent!_
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? Your looks are so trustworthy as you garner yourself with lovely sunnatic looks that get me bouncing my heard in eager compliance to your proposals but days pass by and you say what? “Let’s get to know each other?”_
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? The righteous predecessors you claim to follow, how many “got to know each other” before their marriages?_
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? Why raise my hopes and then tell me you can’t afford to marry me now? If you were not financially ready, why did you approach me first? You tell me to wait till after a year; what shall we be doing until then, dear brother?_
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? Why make demands of me that you would be ashamed to make in public, when you know I am not yours halaally? Would you really not fear The One Who knows the secret of your heart, whether or not you declare your thoughts or hide them?_
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? How unfair you are! My heart dances so easily to your words which are venom to my Imaan and I feel myself slowly drifting from the protective alcove of my Rabb. Lost in disobedience, placing your pleasure above His, how lost I am on a path that guides!_
_O you that call me to zinaa, do you not fear Allah? Why do you water your tongue with words of jahliyyah, dragging me to its depth? Why, dear brother? I want to blame you for everything… Every single thing but I can’t because I bear the burden of my ignorance and the weight of my little faith rests heavily upon these slump shoulders_
_So, o you that call me to zinaa, fear Allah! I did not leave jahliyyah to endure another jahliyyah with the face of righteousness! Fear Allah, O you that call me to zinaa unless you can defend yourself before our Rabb!_
*To My Sisters*

_O sisters, take responsibility for your actions today so you don’t regret on the morrow. When you trust Allah, no fear or insecurity or desperation will ever push you to the point of placing Him last in your decisions! Fear Allah even in your most desperate times! Know that, you will never get what you want by disobeying Him rather you will be humiliated like those of past times. May Allah protect us and grant us from among the best in this world and the hereafter. Aameen_

I yearn…

I yearn…

by Omara Anjum

My Soul is thirsting for the Knowledge of Deen,

For Allah’s Love, for the Noor of Islam…

My Soul is screaming for Jannah,

Yearning to see Allah’s Face,

to be among the righteous and be under the Prophet’s true followers….
My Soul is shouting for the world,

for the ummah to wake up and see what the duniya is doing to them….

This world is TEMPORARY the Hereafter is FOREVER.
Ya Allah I cry out to you with these tears pouring down my face,

with truth in my heart,

with hope of your pleasure and love,

Ya Allah Help me in this time of need,

help this duniya and ummah of mine, 

Ya Allah look at how we have gone astray,

we need your guidance more than ever,

we need the light of Islam,

There is bloodshed everywhere,

division nonstop,

hatred in the hearts has spread like a disease,

are we even human anymore? 

I don’t know.

Is there hope for love and unity?

I don’t know.
Ya Allah I cry with these tears so deep,

with my eyes red,

I cry out to you for your help and guidance,

I need contentment in my heart,

I need your mercy Ya Rabb.

I don’t know what to do anymore,

I want your Jannah,

I want your love,

I want to see your beautiful face,
Ya Kareem Ya Wadud Ya Malik,

I need you more than ever,

I need your mercy and love in my heart,

in my life, I need the noor of Islam to go through my soul,

I feel like a stranger in this fake world,

going through life as if not living,

but I am alive,

my mind always pondering about Jannah,

about the near Akhirah,

and about you Ya Allah,

My eyes are wet from tears of Salah,

My heart content with the remembrance of Allah

🌺 Poetic Saturday 🌺

🌺 Poetic Saturday 🌺

“Live every day likes it’s your last, live with no regrets” 

“Live every day smiling, live it up to the best”

Society today uses these lines to motivate us into relationships with the opposite sex

To get over our ex, move on to the next

Take chances and risks, gamble at casinos and place huge bets

Party and drink, smoke marijuana and cigarettes

The motto is YOLO, and enjoy every single thing you know possible until we are dead

And it’s sad to say that Muslims, including myself tend to forget

That this life is temporary, this dunya is just a test

We fall into these worldly desires and still we expect

That Allah Subhanawata’ala will grant us happiness in this life and the next

But don’t get me wrong, I think it’s brilliant to live a life with no regrets

And to smile every day is a sunnah, which we should follow to the best, of our abilities

And Allah does not test us with anything which is out of our capabilities

And by no regrets, I mean a life we live Islamically so Insha’Allah to heaven we are sent

Where we sin less and even when we make mistakes, we immediately repent

Because tomorrow is not promised, and yesterday can never be changed

And the present is filled with peasants, so say Alhumdullilah for everything you have today

These worldly desires are just a way to lead us astray, so don’t play in Satan’s game

Read Qur’an, wake up for Fajr and the daily 5 prayers we should pray

And enjoy life, live it to the best in a halal way

Because all we have left are our good deeds deep down in the grave

So please my dear brothers and sisters, the last thing I will say

Ya Allah, please grant us the will to please you… and make the best of each day!

Poem by Syed Ali

From A Sinful Slave

From A Sinful Slave

Ya Allah, Ya Rahman,Ya Raheem
I call you by your beautiful names of mercy, 

I want to apologise but I’m ashamed,

I’ve said I’m sorry so many times it seems like I’m insincere, I’m worried that it might not make a difference anymore.

I’ve murdered my heart with my misdeeds and blackened it with my sins.

All that remains is a ray of light, and it is with that ray that I remember that you’re Al-Gafur and Al-afuw, the forgiving and the pardoner, 

That reminds me that i should never despair of your mercy,

For it is not about falling, it’s about having the courage to stand again.

So I ask You Ya Rauf,Ya mujeeb 

Cleanse my heart and illuminate it with the light of iman,

Grant me a pure and soft heart,

One that trembles from your remembrance and is filled with awe of You,

Instill in me the love of your obedience,

Allow me to taste the sweetness of iman when I’m with You,

O the Protecting Friend,the Loving. 
Written by Amaturrauf, 

Inspired by Umm Yunus.

🌻 From The Veiled Muslimah 🌻

🌻 From The Veiled Muslimah 🌻

You see me as a one, who is trapped in darkness,

One who is held back in time,

One who is subjected to the ruling of men,

One who is a follower of a faith that oppresses her,

One who is veiled,

One who is tortured and disrespected all under the acceptance of her religion.
You see me as the illiterate woman who cannot know

Right from wrong

Left from right

Darkness from light

Happiness from sorrow!

you think my sense of dressing as a sign of obedience to men, out of fear for men
But do you know my hijab symbolizes my sincerity to my faith?

My love for my creator

My respect for the Mothers of the believers

My respect for my body

My need to be independent

My desire to be recognizes as a woman of intellect
Why did most of the respectable women in history cover?

Virgin Mary!

Mother Therese?

Play boy women seldom make history!

I am independent!

Islam is not a religion that traps or enslaves me but rather a religion that liberates me

Makes others view me as a woman and respect me.
Indeed, the status of women in Islam can never ever be equal to that of the western perception

The first person who accepted Islam was a woman

The first martyr of Islam was a woman too!

The Prophet peace be upon him said “paradise lies under the feet of your mother”
How can you possibly say Islam oppresses me?

Tortures me?

Abuses me?

Don’t you see sister we live in a society where women are taught freedom lies in wearing less, reveal more so you can be recognized for your beauty

Depend on the praises of men so your self esteem can be high

But why should I ever need a man to validate what I already know?
Alhamdulilah, my faith teaches me I am much more than a piece of meat 

And, if your definition of freedom is seeking praises and wearing less and oppression means respecting one self then I choose the latter with pride.