The Entry

If you’ve ever had a long day, like a really long day,

like a really really long day,

when your bones are hurting and you feel exhausted and the sweetest

sight in the world to you is that of your home, your bed.

You may begin to empathize just a little bit with that of a person who

has been standing for 50,000 years.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you can’t empathize with someone who has just had the longest

day since their souls merged with flesh.

A day in which they saw the stars fall, and the mountains crumble,

and the earth split and the people stumble

as if they were drunken but they were not drunken, its just the

punishment of their lord was severe.

A day in which the oceans were a blaze and a trumpet blown,

and they walked over a fire fueled by men and stones

and their prayer was rabbi sallim sallim.

Some began the day with light and some people’s light was then


and all the while they were hoping for the day to finish,

And finally when a siraat is crossed, and a qantarah is traversed,

They stand at the gates,

and the sweetest sight in the world is their home,

ﻭَﺳِﻴﻖَ ﺍﻟَّﺬِﻳﻦَ ﺍﺗَّﻘَﻮْﺍ ﺭَﺑَّﻬُﻢْ ﺇِﻟَﻰ ﺍﻟْﺠَﻨَّﺔِ ﺯُﻣَﺮًﺍ ۖ ﺣَﺘَّﻰٰ ﺇِﺫَﺍ ﺟَﺎﺀُﻭﻫَﺎ ﻭَﻓُﺘِﺤَﺖْ ﺃَﺑْﻮَﺍﺑُﻬَﺎ ﻭَﻗَﺎﻝَ ﻟَﻬُﻢْ ﺧَﺰَﻧَﺘُﻬَﺎ

ﺳَﻠَﺎﻡٌ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻜُﻢْ ﻃِﺒْﺘُﻢْ ﻓَﺎﺩْﺧُﻠُﻮﻫَﺎ ﺧَﺎﻟِﺪِﻳﻦَ

But those who feared their Lord will be driven to Paradise in groups

until, when they reach it while its gates have been opened and its

keepers say, “Peace be upon you; you have become pure; so enter it to

abide eternally therein,” [they will enter]. (Al-Zumar v. 73)

Allahummainni as-aluka Al-Jannah wa ajirni minan-naar.

# Homecoming


🌼Poetic Saturday🌼

I’ve been waiting. For a long time now, I’ve been waiting. What for, you might ask. Something. Anything. I brought pen to paper but nothing. The page remained empty; a reflection of myself within.

The canvas that should have been decorated with ink remained without stain. Perhaps, it was because of my stain-less heart. It had forgotten how to bleed.

Yet again. I brought head to ground; the place where a believer and his Lord meets. Yet nothing. The blessed words that I whispered out to praise Him remained just that – a whisper. A whisper that was perhaps lost amongst other whispers. I brought hand to hand and raised them high.

I was a slave, a beggar, at the Mercy of my Master. Whilst others rubbed genie lamps or wished upon a shooting star, I just had to raise my hands and ask. But nothing. My hands were raised, My mouth open. Yet no words escaped. Nothing. My eyes so eager to cry remained tearless. I was enveloped in nothing-ness. I felt nothing.

But I wanted to. So I prayed. I strived. I carried on. I praised my Lord, raised my hands to Him. I sacrificed, gave myself to Him. Then, I waited. “So endure patiently, with a beautiful patience”. -70:5 And then it hit me; A realisation so deep yet profound, That my silent tears suddenly found its sound.

My empty pages became a book; word bound. My whispers became a call; I was lost before but now found. A realisation that it was I who moved back not He. A realisation that it was I who was holding on to the Dunya just that little bit tighter. Because I was afraid to fall. But He made me wait.

He taught me Sabr; the most beautiful kind. So I let go. Because I know He was there to catch me. And He did.


🌺Poetic Saturday🌺

“Live every day likes it’s your last, live with no regrets”

“Live every day smiling, live it up to the best”

Society today uses these lines to motivate us into relationships with the opposite sex

To get over our ex, move on to the next

Take chances and risks, gamble at casinos and place huge bets

Party and drink, smoke marijuana and cigarettes

The motto is YOLO, and enjoy every single thing you know possible until we are dead

And it’s sad to say that Muslims, including myself tend to forget

That this life is temporary, this dunya is just a test

We fall into these worldly desires and still we expect

That Allah Subhanawata’ala will grant us happiness in this life and the next

But don’t get me wrong, I think it’s brilliant to live a life with no regrets

And to smile every day is a sunnah, which we should follow to the best, of our abilities

And Allah does not test us with anything which is out of our capabilities

And by no regrets, I mean a life we live Islamically so Insha’Allah to heaven we are sent

Where we sin less and even when we make mistakes, we immediately repent

Because tomorrow is not promised, and yesterday can never be changed

And the present is filled with peasants, so say Alhumdullilah for everything you have today

These worldly desires are just a way to lead us astray, so don’t play in Satan’s game

Read Qur’an, wake up for Fajr and the daily 5 prayers we should pray

And enjoy life, live it to the best in a halal way

Because all we have left are our good deeds deep down in the grave

So please my dear brothers and sisters, the last thing I will say

Ya Allah, please grant us the will to please you… and make the best of each day!

Poem by Syed Ali ♦

The world is a test

🌺Poetic Saturday🌺

The world is a test

(in the name of Allah)

Allah made men, black and white

So white may not hurt black

Black may not lose faith

It’s a test, most of the time we fail

Allah made rich and poor

So the riches do charity

And people stay satisfied in poverty

He made your loved ones die and fade away

To test whether from Allah you turn away

He made you a winner and loser

To know whether you always remember your creator

He gave you day and night

To check whether you are always right in both dark and light

Allah made you ill

To check whether you keep up your will

And still believe HE will cure your ill

He created angels and devils

And stirred you with thought both good and evil

And saw what you reject

Allah created men and women

So you look out for each other

And ensure whether you are moral and good among each other

And remain humans

He made you into nations

To judge whether you are together like brothers

Or wage war and remain clusters

He gave you different ages

Placed you in different situation and stages

To see whether you are true, and act according to holy pages

He gave reasons, though he can do wonders

To test whether you see science as a tool to realize your Creator

He gave you everything and anything

And tested whether you make sacrifices

And don’t you see He give you heaven as your price

He gave you both pleasant and hard seasons

To see whether all the time you answer His holy and eternal summons

He made you not to see him

To know whether you believe unseen Him

Or choose to find so called holy stones or some other things to make partner to Him

It will be too late to see Him

And then to believe Him

He created heaven and hell

Is it the unimaginable pleasure and wealth of paradise

Or hell’s unbearable curse and pain and the great fire

Choose it wise

And you have do that here, in a deceiving world

The world is a Test

Allah wants you to do the good and best

This week’s poetry

🌹Poetic Saturday🌹

Yesterday my heart was aching a lot not for myself but for the troubles my loved ones are going through.

Someone’s trying to get married but cannot.

Death of loved ones.

Someone’s suffering from Cancer.

Someone wants to break free from a marriage but cannot.

Children,women,men and elderly people are getting killed and raped and persecuted and driven out of their homes.

I lay down in my bed and asked Allah to end this world, to bring the day of judgement, to strike justice and to grant us what He has promised.

I told him I could take it no more.


I got no reply.

The very same day during my Qur’an session. I open Qur’an and it opens on this page with an Ayah I had highlighted long ago.

More than the Ayah I am so humbled that Allah heard and replied.

If you have been asking for something donot for one second doubt Allah isnt hearing or replying. In some instances like mine the reply is evident whilst in others you may not see the reply but know that He has replied already.




I saw her in the midst of the night

Her diamonds and jewels glistened so bright

Oh, she was a beautiful sight.

A spark in her eyes did ignite

A wish, a desire, a feeling of delight

What was this familiar face

Doing in a foreign place?

I took a moment to catch my breath

Didn’t care about my meeting with Death

Because I had all the time in the world for her

So everything else was easy to defer

Smelling her fragrance I did prefer

Not realising that one day this would be a blur

I started running towards her

I felt my steps getting faster

Closer and closer

But she kept slipping farther

At last, I caught her by the hand

I almost forgot how to stand

I asked for her name

When she turned around in vain

‘I am a prostitute’

Forbidden fruit

I didn’t care

Everything I ever wanted was standing right there

‘How many partners have you had?’ I wondered

‘Billions’ she responded

‘But I have been faithful to none’

My heart thudding like the beat of a drum

I asked for her name a second time

With a wicked look, she flashed a smile

‘I am your biggest betrayer..

..and they call me



🌸 Poetic Saturday 🌸


I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I am in this world as a traveller and to get to my final destination,Jannah,I am striving in the way of my Lord.

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I wear my hijab because it is my protection,a blessing from Allah to keep me chaste and pure for the one who’s name is written beside mine in the heaven. As I walk on the street being seen as oppressed,I feel like a jewel enveloped.

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I don’t listen to music nor do I attend parties. I know what you’re thinking,’Is she Insane?’

Truth is it doesn’t make sense to use the ear that Allah blessed me with to listen to shaytan’s voice or go about shaking my endowment up and down in front of non-mahram men all in the name of fun, wouldn’t you agree?

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I command the good and forbid the evil as instructed by Allah in His book.

By doing this,I lost a lot of friends and became despised. I still do it though, perchance they may fear Allah and to discharge my duty to Him.

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah

I am Human,I make mistakes,I feel pain. I am no where near perfection for perfection is with the creator alone.

I am made to feel like an outcast day after day, mocked and ridiculed by MY own muslim brothers & sisters,because I choose to practice OUR DEEN??

Well shame on you!!

But alas,Allah guides whom He wills. I pray that Allah guides us all to the straight path and makes jannah our final abode, ameen!