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I saw her in the midst of the night

Her diamonds and jewels glistened so bright

Oh, she was a beautiful sight.

A spark in her eyes did ignite

A wish, a desire, a feeling of delight

What was this familiar face

Doing in a foreign place?

I took a moment to catch my breath

Didn’t care about my meeting with Death

Because I had all the time in the world for her

So everything else was easy to defer

Smelling her fragrance I did prefer

Not realising that one day this would be a blur

I started running towards her

I felt my steps getting faster

Closer and closer

But she kept slipping farther

At last, I caught her by the hand

I almost forgot how to stand

I asked for her name

When she turned around in vain

‘I am a prostitute’

Forbidden fruit

I didn’t care

Everything I ever wanted was standing right there

‘How many partners have you had?’ I wondered

‘Billions’ she responded

‘But I have been faithful to none’

My heart thudding like the beat of a drum

I asked for her name a second time

With a wicked look, she flashed a smile

‘I am your biggest betrayer..

..and they call me





🌸 Poetic Saturday 🌸


I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I am in this world as a traveller and to get to my final destination,Jannah,I am striving in the way of my Lord.

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I wear my hijab because it is my protection,a blessing from Allah to keep me chaste and pure for the one who’s name is written beside mine in the heaven. As I walk on the street being seen as oppressed,I feel like a jewel enveloped.

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I don’t listen to music nor do I attend parties. I know what you’re thinking,’Is she Insane?’

Truth is it doesn’t make sense to use the ear that Allah blessed me with to listen to shaytan’s voice or go about shaking my endowment up and down in front of non-mahram men all in the name of fun, wouldn’t you agree?

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah,

I command the good and forbid the evil as instructed by Allah in His book.

By doing this,I lost a lot of friends and became despised. I still do it though, perchance they may fear Allah and to discharge my duty to Him.

I am Amatullah,the slave of Allah

I am Human,I make mistakes,I feel pain. I am no where near perfection for perfection is with the creator alone.

I am made to feel like an outcast day after day, mocked and ridiculed by MY own muslim brothers & sisters,because I choose to practice OUR DEEN??

Well shame on you!!

But alas,Allah guides whom He wills. I pray that Allah guides us all to the straight path and makes jannah our final abode, ameen!



🍁 Poetic Saturday 🍁


Imagine yourself after you pass away…

Imagine your grave through night and through day…

Wishing that you did not do as they say….

Wishing that you had got up and had prayed.

Imagine, my friends, the day that you died…

Imagine all of the tears that they cried….

Remember how it felt when your body was tied….

Remember how it felt in the grave which you lied….

Imagine the day you’ll be called to account…

Imagine the sum to which your life will amount…

Think for a moment of the deeds which you mount….

Think for a moment how much they will count….

What will they say of you when you are dead?

What will they say, what will be said?

Will they speak of all the poor who you fed?

Will they remember all the Qu’ran that you read?

Think not of them, but of Allah, Lord of mankind and jinn….

Think of Allah when tempted to sin….

Think of the paradise which you will dwell in….

Don’t wait till later to think what might have been….



🍃 Poetic Saturday 🍃

How do you define death?

Is it the end of an existance or the begginning of a new breath

Is it the decaying of a body

Or the realisation that you were really nobody

Is it the relievement of agonising pain

Or the begginning of a grave punishment which bears no rain

Your whole life prepared you for this moment

But you spent most of that time engaging in temporary amusement

Forgetting that your day was soon to come

When the angels take your soul and label you as scum

You begin to ask yourself ‘what did I do to deserve this? ‘

Oh poor soul, you chose the Dunya over eternal bliss

You neglected a day in which you were promised

La Illaha illallah flowed through your tongue, but were you ever honest?

Because honesty results in an action

But Islam to you, was more of a transaction

When times were hard and difficult

You turned to the one that can make your life more bearable

And thats the only time you would bow your head onto the floor

When you felt that you were deserving of something more

But, Now that the angel of death has knocked on your door

You start begging him, that you can change as if you were poor

But, You could have made that change if you took your hands out of your pocket

You chose to disobey Allah for a larger, maximised profit

So when the ugliest of creachers Munkar and Nakeer, interogate you for the life you lead

Terrified and petrified you would have chosen to remain dead

Because deep-down, you know of the judgement that is to come

Theres no place underground, where you can run

This is what you have prepared for this day

So, you alone bear the punishment of the blazing ray

Crying and panicking for failing the final exam

Only if these tears were shed during your time over-ground

This could have all been avoided

Only if you took notice

That this life was only temporary,

All that fun and amusement, becomes a painful memory

Only if you had another chance

Instead of living life as if you were in a trance

So take heed of this message, before this becomes your reality

Because death is something innevitable which you shouldnt take light-heartedly



🌷 Poetic Saturday 🌷

When you leave something for the sake of your Lord,

He’ll replace it with something even better as reward,

Like Musa (AS), who had problems giving speech

Yet spoke to GOD, a conversation so unique..

And if your heart aches and lacerations surround your soul,

Drops crawl from your eyes, hiding stories untold..

Remember, all of those, God knows..

Just like when Yunus (AS) was trapped in the belly of a whale

That ONE du’a was of great avail..

And don’t worry if you’re strugglin’

Cos if you’re patient, your good deeds are doublin’

Remember Ibrahim (AS), who sacrificed without blinkin’ twice

Endured so much, to his own father opposed

Yet he was guaranteed ‘gardens beneath which rivers flow’


If things get really tough

Then remind yourself of a man*

Who was offered the SUN and MOON in the palm of his hand

But refused to let corruption spread through the land

He never met his father or mother

At the age of 8, lost a loving grandfather

Beaten until blood poured down to his blessed feet

Still he never surrendered, did not accept defeat

Of a gentle disposition, full of love..

So ask yourself this question:

Are your struggles ANYTHING compared to all of the above?

(Peace and blessings be upon them)

Thank you Allah

Thank you Allah

🌹 Poetic Saturday 🌹

Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings, Thank you Allah, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes closed against the morning light as long as possible, Thank you Allah, that I can see. Many are blind.

Even though I huddle in my bed and put off rising, Thank you O Allah, that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are bedridden.

Even though the first hour of my day is hectic, when socks are lost,toast is burned,tempers are short,dad’s anger ; Thank you Allah, for my family. There are many who are lonely.

Even though our breakfast table never looks like the pictures in magazines and the menu is at times balanced, Thank you Allah, for the food we have. There are many who are hungry.

Even though I grumble and lament my fate from day to day and wish my circumstances were not so modest, Thank you, Allah, for life…

Ya Allah Shukr for everything…!

Selfies vs soulfies

Selfies vs soulfies

💝 Poetic Saturday 💝

The era of the #Selfie,

Let’s show the world who we claim to be! Ironic isn’t it?

That our selfies are not really about our selves, are they?

As if a perfectly filtered, edited, cropped photo (we’ve all been there or still are) could ever be a depiction of ourselves.

We are way better than that.

Better than a like on instagram or a re-tweet on twitter.

Better than a comment or a share. Strange how we say “its the inside that counts” yet whats on the outside is where we really care.

But that’s the problem.

We live in a world where the inner is hidden away and the outer exposed.

We live a life of a lie.

Constantly editing and deleting, perfecting and filtering…and all for what?

For some likes on a photo?

But do those likes not mean that they “like” how you look not how you are?

We live in a world that’s constantly being edited, and so we do the same.

We edit ourselves.

We hide behind filters.

We cut and we copy and we paste what we say.

We upload;

That fake version of ourselves that we want the world to believe is us.

Because we’re too scared to show everyone the real us.

The real you; your soul, your heart, your mind.

Imagine if selfies were soulfies.

A picture capturing your soul. The inside that we try so hard to hide,

exposed for everyone to see. Your sins, your lies, your within, your desires.

Your deepest most darkest thoughts, to the guilt of many years ago tucked away behind newer ones.

But also the beauty of you, the real you. The beauty the world never see’s.

Would you take a soulfie?

My mind turns to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Look how well we know Him;

his manners, his character, his speech, his likes and dislikes –

it’s as if we’ve known him in person.

We know him better than we know some of our own.

But have we ever seen him?

Is there a picture of him?

Of course not, yet we know him so well. We know Him from the inside; for his pure soul and his blessed heart.

We know Him how a person should be known and that is enough for us.

If only selfies were soulfies,

So that the world could see the real you and the real me…