#Just The Hijab

#Just The Hijab

She’s a good person, she recites the Qur’an, she fasts on mondays and thursdays and even prays Qiyaamul layl often. She just doesn’t wear the hijab’. Sounds familiar eh? It’s what a lot of people say when they are making excuses for their non-hijabi friends. Whenever I hear that statement, it makes me stops and think for a moment, is it JUST a hijab? Is it just a piece of cloth that a muslimah wears for extra rewards?

Before, every time I saw a hijabi doing something wrong or bad, I would become furious and think ‘even with her hijab?’ To me, anyone who wore the hijab was supposed to be a saint. Then my mother simplified things for me, she told me that hijab was an obligation, not something that just the pious muslimahs wore. Just like every muslim must pray salaah, every muslimah must wear hijab(of course salah is a greater obligation) it’s up to them to choose whether they have khushoo in that salah or represent the hijab well.

SubhanAllah, what she said really hit me and made me think of all my non-hijab wearing years when I thought hijab was for the ustadhas only, Alhamdulillah for Allah’s infinite mercy and guiding us back to His deen.
It also made me scared as I started recalling my non-hijabi friends and other sisters who are fully aware of the obligation of hijab and were still not complying.
Hijab in our times has become a voluntary act, a not so obligatory deed. It’s like we don’t know the punishment for not wearing hijab;
Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu reported Allah’s messenger sallallahu alaihe wasallam having said this, “Their are two groups of people destined for the fire of hell. First, those officials who would carry with them whips looking like the tails of cows and they would use them for whipping people. Secondly, those women who would be naked despite being apparently clothed. They themselves will be inclined towards men and lure them as well. Their heads will be tall like the humps of Bukhti camels, bent onto one side (their hair will be styled in a bun). They will neither enter Paradise nor would they even smell the fragrance of Paradise which can be detected from great distances.” (Saheeh Muslim, Hadeeth # 2128)
I mean can you imagine not being able to even smell the fragrance of jannah? It might seem like just a piece of cloth in this dunya but in the akhira it can make you taste the burning chastisement of hell.I agree that in our times wearing the hijab isn’t the easiest thing, what with all the alluring fashion trends that come out everyday making the struggle more and more difficult. But still, that doesn’t make it any less of an obligation, rather it makes the reward greater.
We shouldn’t make excuses and shy away from correcting our non-hijabi relatives and friends just because we see them doing other good deeds, rather that should make us want to correct them more because we see alot of good in them.
O my sister who observes her five daily prayers and fasts the month of ramadan,who recites Qur’an and is consistent in her nawafil and also to my sister who loves to give charity but finds it difficult to wear the hijab or observe it properly(makes if flashy,tight-fitting,attractive,scented,etc),know that hijab is not for when you are on an iman high, it is a command from Allah(SWT) the most high who created you and gave you that beauty that you find it hard to cover.
Cover yourself up and please your Maker, isn’t it His pleasure that you are seeking through all your other good deeds? Isn’t it His Jannah that you aim to enter? Are you going to obey Him only when it is convenient for you? Will you not Submit completely to Him?
You are a good person and you have a good heart my sister, It breaks my heart to see you doing all these voluntary good deeds and then abandoning what is obligatory, to think that all your good deeds may be scattered to dust because shaytan made you to believe that it was ‘just the hijab’.
Take heed my sisters,  it is not ‘just the hijab’ and it isn’t ‘just another sin.
Your sister in deen,

Umm Saabir.
For more information and encouragement on Hijab, Download and listen to ‘To veil or not to veil’ by Sh. Muhammad Elshinawy;



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