From A Sinful Slave

From A Sinful Slave

Ya Allah, Ya Rahman,Ya Raheem
I call you by your beautiful names of mercy, 

I want to apologise but I’m ashamed,

I’ve said I’m sorry so many times it seems like I’m insincere, I’m worried that it might not make a difference anymore.

I’ve murdered my heart with my misdeeds and blackened it with my sins.

All that remains is a ray of light, and it is with that ray that I remember that you’re Al-Gafur and Al-afuw, the forgiving and the pardoner, 

That reminds me that i should never despair of your mercy,

For it is not about falling, it’s about having the courage to stand again.

So I ask You Ya Rauf,Ya mujeeb 

Cleanse my heart and illuminate it with the light of iman,

Grant me a pure and soft heart,

One that trembles from your remembrance and is filled with awe of You,

Instill in me the love of your obedience,

Allow me to taste the sweetness of iman when I’m with You,

O the Protecting Friend,the Loving. 
Written by Amaturrauf, 

Inspired by Umm Yunus.


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