29.This Ramadan. . .Make a lasting change. 


Ramadan was here, Mo became Muhammad again, he started going to the mosque for all his 5 prayers, he stopped watching haram and started lowering his gaze.

Sammy went back to being Samira, she started wearing hijab, listened to Sudais instead of Ed Sheeren and stopped flirting around with guys. 

If only they’d remain that way for the rest of the year, but no, immediately after Ramadan the Hijabs come off, the Quran is put on the shelf again and the mosques become empty. 

Ramadan is the month of change, but  ‘lasting’ change. It’s really sad when everyone is at his best behaviour in Ramadan but after then, they just go back to their old selves, no change at all. 

What is even more fascinating is that people outrightly say things like ‘i only cover up in Ramadan’ or ‘I’m not going to do this just because it’s Ramadan ‘ Do those people not know that the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of the other eleven months? 

Let’s try and make this Ramadan different from the previous ones. Make a firm resolution to keep up the good habits you’ve started and not go back to your old bad habits. Try and make this Ramadan your turning point in life; make plans on how to maintain this better form of yourself and make lots of Dua to Allah to help you.

May Allah make this Ramadan the turning point of each and everyone of us, ameen. 

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Rebroadcast and share for the Ajr.


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