27:This Ramadan….Increase in modesty



Every religion has a manner and the manner of this religion is hayaa” (Ibn Majah).

Modesty (Hayaa) has a list of definitions including being shy, reserved, bashful, having self-respect e.t.c  It encompasses what we say, watch/read, treat others, interact with the opposite gender and even how we speak to Allah (swt).

It is such an important concept in our deen so much so that it a part of faith and the higher our eeman, the higher our modesty. 

In ramadan, Our modesty usually increases as we desist from using shameless, foul words (e.g ashar, mocking others); being careful as to what we are watching or what we are are reading: are they immodest topics? Is it causing us to lose our shame?

Also how we treated others. We tried to  treat everyone with respect and kindness And refrain from shouting and using disrespectful words.

And most importantly, how we related with the opposite sex. I’m sure we tried to lower our gaze as Allah (swt) commands us in the Qur’an and refrain from talking and laughing loudly with them. 

Ramadan is near ending, it would be a shame if we let all these good attributes of modesty just go away because it’s over. It’s up to you & I to try and continue these praiseworthy acts of Modesty beyond Ramadan.

Hayaa and eeman were locked together, so when one of them is uplifited the other becomes uplifted as well” (Al hakim).

We ask Allah (swt) to increase us in modesty and make it a ladder for our eman. Ameen thumma ameen.

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Rebroadcast and share in the Ajr.

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