22. I’itikaf At Home 


I’tikaf refers to going into seclusion in the mosque for the sole purpose of worshipping Allah and attaching oneself and one’s heart to His worship.
I’itikaf is only valid if done in the masjid.

BUT who says you can’t do the same at home due to circumstances. It might not be an official i’tikaf but we could seclude ourselves for worship.

Throughout the year we have the whole duniya occupying our minds, ranging from our duties in the society to useless stuff like social media, movies etc.
Ramadan is the time to make up for all the time lost.

Go off the grid, sit in the corner of your house, away from all distractions. Ponder on Allah’s might and realise how insignificant you are in everything.

Allah is Al-Malik-The sovereign. He doesn’t need you, you need Him. With all His might, He remains merciful to every being granting you provision from ways you can’t even imagine.
Think of the people of Ad and Thamud, and all the transgressors in the past And how Allah could destroy everything in a blink.
Let the thought that this world is only temporary occupy your mind, remembering that everything we fight and hassle for is basically for nothing.One day we would find only ourselves and only our deeds in the grave. Thank Allah for everything, for even the air you breathe, if He wishes you would not get it.
And emerge after Ramadan as a new being.

This could be difficult due to several reasons but it brings us to an important factor- Make plans for it. Even if it’s for several hours in a day out of the many days in Ramadan, In Sha Allah you would find yourself filled with Allah’s Nur.

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