19.This Ramadhaan – Be truly Grateful.


Most of us have probably glanced at the clock once or twice by now or atleast calculated how much time is left till Iftar. We do this as we anticipate the meal that we’ll break our fast with in sha Allah. Do you  realize how blessed you are? 

Today, take your time to think about all the blessings given to you by Allah without you having to ask. The eyes with which you are reading this message. Your limbs, the air the that you breath, your life. Your health, intellect, family, friends, Imaan, Islam…the list goes on. Whether you have all these and more or some of these, You will agree that you are blessed beyond measure. And if we were to count the blessings of Allah we would never be able to enumerate them.

So today, say Alhamdulillaah and decide to adopt the attitude of gratitude henceforth for the countless & ceaseless favours of Allah.

This Ramadan, get into the habit of being grateful to Allah and stop complaining.  Saying Alhamdulillaah is a part of being grateful, yet we show more gratitude by also using our blessings to do things that please Allah. Eg, Sadaqah, Speaking kindly to others, avoiding what Allah has prohibited, etc.

And tell you what, being grateful to Allah doesn’t just make you beloved to Him but also makes Him increase His blessings upon you. And who doesn’t want more??

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Rebroadcast and share for the Ajr. 


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