17. This Ramadhan – Uphold Ties of Kinship


Upholding ties of kinship is one of the greatest acts of worship, yet also one of the most difficult. Little wonder so much emphasis is put on it. It gets harder when your relatives do not treat you well or have wronged you. Or when they do not reciprocate when you try to reach out to them. But the essence of an act of worship is not the reward we get in this dunya or the ease with which we get to carry it out, but the reward we get in the Akhirah & the avoidance of the punishment of Allah.

Among the benefits of Upholding ties of Kinship are:

☆ It Increases your blessings from Allah:
Al-Bukhari and Muslim reported a hadith in which Anas Ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) said, I heard Allah’s Messenger saying, “Whoever would like his provision in this world to be increased and his life span to be extended let him uphold the ties of kinship”.

☆Another hadith, Reported by At-Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad, shows that Abu Bakrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said, Allah’s Messenger said, “There is no sin worthier of Allah hastening punishment for it in this life, in addition to what He has in store for its offender in the Hereafter, than transgression and cutting off relations of kinship” [Authenticated by Al-Albani].

Ramadan is a very good time for us to rekindle those ties of kinship that may have been severed over the year. For example,

-Buy some fruits or a crate of eggs and take it to your aunt that lives in the same town as you;

-Call up your cousins and greet them and find out how they’re doing

-Send some financial aid to your poor uncle that lives in the village or buy eid clothes for his children;

Remember that it doesn’t have to be reciprocated in order for you to continue, your reward remains with Allah. And also remember to uphold the ties even after Ramadan ends. May Allah make it easy.

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