16 This Ramadan. .Be Kind.


Ramadan not only about fasting and praying, it is also to bring a change in the personality and conduct of a person for the better. One such acts or a characteristic attribute that Ramadan propagates and tries to initiate in people is kindness.

Being kind is one of the major preaching of Islam and it wants it follower to indulge in acts of kindness. Moreover, these deeds in Ramadan come with reward and that reward gets multiplied many times in the month of Ramadan.

The prophet(SAW) said ‘If Allah loves a servant, then he grants him the quality of gentleness.’

There are many ways we can be kind to others;

-Compliment Others; This is a simple act of kindness but you’d be surprised how happy it can make one and make them smile. Compliment a colleague, friend, parent,etc

-Show Gratitude; The exhibition of kindness can start by being grateful to all those who matter even the minutest in your life and assist you in any possible way. Say a word of thanks to your parents, your siblings, your driver, your maid, your spouse, let them know you’re grateful for all they’ve been doing for you.

-Be Thoughtful; Helping people with lifting their things, giving them way in traffic, giving someone in a hurry your place in queue, give a listening ear to someone in despair, helping your spouse in the kitchen etc

-Spend time with other people – Get out of your circle and move on to people who you rarely contact and whom you have contacted for a long time, make them happy with the company you provide them and the love, which you show them.

Think of many more ways to be kind this Ramadan and get the reward of not only ibadah but also of good akhlaq.

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Reference: http://www.quranreading.com/blog/random-acts-of-kindness-in-ramadan/


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