13 .This Ramadan… i’ll make my tongue moist with Dhikr


 Abu Darda (رضی اللہ عنہ) narrates that the Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) said, “Shall I not inform you the best and the purest of your deed in the sight of your Master, which is the highest in your degrees, is superior to your spending gold and silver in charity, and is better than confronting and fighting against your enemy, cutting one another’s necks?” The Companions submitted, “Yes, indeed!” He said, “It is remembering Allah.”
Muādh ibn Jabal (رضی اللہ عنہ) said, “There is nothing more effective to deliver you from the torment of Allah (SWT) than remembrance of Allah (SWT).”

► Tirmidhi, al-Jami-us-sahih (5:459#3377)

I’m sure alot of us have never heard this hadith or maybe we heard and took it lightly; but can you imagine? This mere dhikr that takes up very minimal energy to do is better than spending gold and silver? And fighting jihad? And yet we’re ignorant of doing it frequently.

Our focus is on dhikr with the tongue, which is the easiest to do. At times in Ramadan, we have alot of responsibilities that won’t allow us to read alot of Qur’an or pray alot of Nawafil, but we can still gain alot of reward through dhikr with the tongue.

There are so many times we can be engaging in dhikr of the tongue; while getting dressed in the morning, on the way to school, walking to class, while cooking iftar, while washing the dishes, when we’re too tired to do other acts of ibadah etc
The list can go on and on..
Imagine the reward we can be accumulating if we filled up all those times with dhikr ?! Thousands and millions since in Ramadan good deeds are multiplied

So how about we maximize our rewards this Ramadan by making our tongue moist with Dhikr eh? Let’s get into a habit of constantly uttering Remembrances with our tongue to fill up our scale of good deeds.

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Rebroadcast and share for the Ajr.

Click here ( http://productivemuslim.com/dhikr-for-extensive-reward/) to find a list of the various dhikrs of the tongue and the reward for them. )


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