11. Braking too soon?


We’ve officially arrived at the middle 10 nights when the numbers at Taraweeh dwindle and Ramadan enthusiasts take a break waiting for the last 10 nights to get to Khatam-hopping and worshipping hard. Okay maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated. But I think we’ve all come to expect the annual Ramadan dip at this time of the year.

So here are my thoughts and tips on how to avoid it:

1. The acceptance of an act is its continuation as Ibn Qayyim(ra) mentions. Our hope should be that we’re leaving sins in Ramadan and developing good deeds that will continue throughout the year. If you’re already falling of WITHIN Ramadan, thats a blaring siren that you may not be doing it right.

2. Read slightly more Qur’an in these 10 days than you did in the first so as to prepare yourself for the last 10 nights.

3. Appoint someone to call you out if you’re suddenly slacking with your prayers in the masjid.

4. In order to be if those who surpass the rest(Al Sabiqoon) make sure you’re overdoing everyone in your family and/or close circle of friends.

5. Recognize the opportunity to vie for Allah’s love here. As people fall off in these 10 nights, stand up in prayer and say “Oh Allah, I am still hear standing seeking Your pleasure alone, hoping for Your forgiveness and asking for Your highest garden, Al Firdaws.
May Allah make us amongst those who progress in these next 10 nights and reward us with the highest level of Jannatul Firdaws. Ameen!

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