6. This Ramadan. .Go on a cyber I’itikaf


I know this might sound odd as you’re reading this now on the internet or on one social media or the other.
The thing is i’m not asking you to cut off from the internet completely as there are alot of beneficial items especially in Ramadan, but i’m asking you to cut back on those social medias that aren’t necessary;
I mean, do you really need Facebook, whatsapp, BBM, Twitter and instagram? If it’s reminders you want then i’m sure just one or two social medias would suffice.

One problem we have in Ramadan is the problem of information overdose. In Ramadan, we have abundant of resources Masha Allah; and so we try to do so much, read many articles, watch many Islamic programs and read many Islamic posts and by so doing we lose out on the time to actually put what we’ve learnt into practice.
It’s impossible for you and i to do everything.

My advice is that you should pick one or two social media that you know you’ll definitely need and select two Ramadan  series to follow on the internet/ TV (Ours included definitely 😉) and use the remainder of your time for the actual Ibadaahs in Ramadan. 

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IG: Deensisters
Facebook: deensisterS
Twitter: @thedeensisters

Rebroadcast and share in the Ajr.


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