4. This Ramadan. . .Enjoy Your Salah.


Waking up in the morning, have to get dressed for work/school, the kids are screaming, breakfast isn’t ready yet;
On the way to work- someone scratches your vehicle, someone wrongfully overtakes you;  At school/work – someone offends you, someone makes you angry;
Everything is just so stressful. .uurgh! You’re just looking to take your mind off things.

Allah(SWT) has given us times of respite during the day and it is Salah.

The Prophet S.A.W.S said that the “coolness of my eyes lies in salah“. {Nisa’i, Bayhaqi & Musnad Ahmad}

When you begin your prayer saying “Allahu Akbar”, you have essentially testified aloud that Allah is Greater than any of the thoughts, pending work, or worries you might have. You have made an open announcement that He, ‘azza wa jalla, is More Important than anything else at that moment. Then why let thoughts of this or that disturb your mind the moment you start your prayer.

This Ramadan, start viewing your Salah from a different angle. Stop taking it as a burden or a chore but as an escape from the chaos of this world and enjoy your time together with your Creator.

Today, as soon as you say “Allahu Akbar”, say it with the realization that Allah, in front of whom I am standing, is Bigger and More Able than anyone to solve my problems, help finish my tasks, and dispel my worries. Your prayer will take an entirely new dimension!

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