This Ramadan. . .On Deensisters! 


This Ramadan. . .On Deensisters! 

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu ! 

The Deensisters are happy to announce their Upcoming Series which will be featured in Ramadan titled ‘This Ramadan…’ We were inspired by the numerous Ramadan series going on and so we decided to do ours. 

It comprises of 30 to-dos for each day with hadiths, verses and more to help us reach our goal of coming closer to Allah this ramadan. It’s going to be amazing and enlightening in shaa Allah so don’t miss it. 

-Subscribe to our mailing list on our blog ( to be receiving the posts by email;

-Follow us on Facebook (deensisterS) or Instagram (Deensisters) to view our posts;

-Or simply just send in your number and we’ll add you to our whatsapp group (Females Only). 

{Bonus: Whatsapp Group Members get to receive Daily Duas from last year’s series😉}

*Those interested in the whatsapp group should send their numbers to 07016765888. 

Re-Broadcast and spread the information to share in the Ajr Also. 

Deensisters. . .Together For The Pleasure of Allah!


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