🍁 Poetic Saturday 🍁
My tests arrive in ravenous waves, stricken by countless ruthless calamities. To the point where it begins to crush me, once again I’ve become just another casualty of this Dunya. But You hold onto my hands and pull me out smoothly like a strand of hair lost in the immense desert. All praises to You my Lord, You shower me with endless love even though you are in no need of me, I continuously sin but you treat me with such abundant clemency. Because of these hardships, I find the road leading towards you wide open, and the river of tears streaming down my face are now river of hope.

I pray to You, with a tongue that was paralysed by sins of my deeds, a blackened heart that was doomed by its wickedness. You delay my punishment with Your eternal patience, but I return your gifts soaked in nothing but sins. You conceal my faults, but I continue to lack shyness, You remain patient with me but I dare to disobey You, due to my awareness of Your infinite mercy and greatness of Your forgiveness. My Lord save me from myself and correct my heart for me and make it worthy enough for you to reside in.

What ignorance can’t be accommodated by Your compassion, what era is longer than your patience, and what significance are my deeds compared to Your rewards? So I place my head on the floor, trembling in sujood, repenting to You, pleading to your infinite compassion. My Lord soften my heart and help me cry for myself for I have wasted away my life with procrastination and false hopes. I turn to You, shattered in pieces, hopeless from my misdeeds. What happens to me if I now pass away in my present state to a grave that I didn’t prepare for?

I cry for surrendering my Akhira, wasting my life. I cry because of the darkness and narrowness of my grave from the burden of my sins, and I cry for when I leave my grave, feeling humiliated whilst carrying my book of deeds on my shoulders knowing I didn’t strive hard enough like I should have to achieve the best of my deen.  #ForeverTemporary @imzy189


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