Would You Rather?


🍁 Poetic Saturday 🍁WOULD YOU RATHER?
Would you rather?
Would you rather party all night

Or wake up and pray two rakahs done right?
Would you rather spend 100 dollars on an Islamic class

Or 500 dollars for a University pass?
Would you rather listen to songs of love and cheer

Or read the words of the One that you fear?
Would you rather watch the latest movie thriller

Or understand how to perform the five pillars?
Would you rather read jokes online

Or look into the last day and its signs?
Would you rather kneel down in a long sujood

Or hurry and get food?

Would you rather dress like a clone

Or follow the One on the throne?
Would you rather fast for a day

Or have a picnic down by the bay?
Would you rather teach Islam to your daughters and sons

Or have them make money in tons?
Would you rather have your religion fit around your life

Or your life fit around your true strife?
Would you rather answer these questions in your head

Or be the one who makes these decisions instead?


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