Updates From Halaqa


Updates From Halaqa on 16th April 2017
(Friendly Islamic sisters circle)
Halaqa was opened as it is our custom, with a beautiful recitation from suratul Hashr by deensister hafsat.
Next speaker of the day; sister umm saalim took the stage and took us on the various checklists of forgiveness; Definition, levels, benefits, rewards.
~Forgiveness is not something for the selected few who has a good heart or as our people call it ‘farin zuciya’ but rather, something that Allah (swt) highly recommends and therefore ought to cultivate the habit of. 

~We should always remember our own sins that we are always hoping for Allah (swt) to forgive when we find it hard to forgives others as propounded by this marvelous verse  of the Qur’an” so forgive and pardon, don’t you want Allah to forgive you? Likewise,  Allah (swt) Has also stated the believers are but brothers so make reconciliation amongst yourself (Q). This makes it natural to fall out with one another atimes but as believer conscious efforts should be taken to reconcile ourselves. 

~A fascinating hadith of the prophet (saw) said: As believer it is evil enough to even hold your brother in contempt’. This closes doors to all dark thoughts towards one another ‘i just don’t like her’ i hate her because of so and so. 
Discussions began afterwards as refreshments were being shared. Another sister reminded us of Allah Himself asking us to forgive, not anybody but He Himself. And forgivessness is one attribute of Allah that we all depend on, almost on a daily basis, then how can we ourselves not forgive when offended. 
Sooner than later the discussion changed course to the favorite topic when sisters come together -hijaab! Sisters were asked to relate their hijab story. Sister halima told us of how series of events in her life increased her in eeman and taqwa and got her to embrace the hijab as a lifestyle immediately she came to know of it. Sister sadiya on the other hand was a muffler style non-hijabi but with the right type of friends in the university, she now not only wears the hijab but calls other sister to do the same. 
The most touching of all the stories was when a sister said she never gave any regard towards the hijab but after the last halaqa, she has made changes in her mode of dressing, alhamdulilah. 
May Allah (swt) continue to help us all wear the hijab in the right way.
We didn’t end until we touched on the issue of modesty as modesty is not only defined by our clothing but rather has many other aspects, most challenging of them being how we relate with our male counterparts.
At another sisters request, deensister hafsat gave us a closing recitation upon a before we finally closed as time was not on our side.
May Allah (swt) give us all the ability to  work with what we’ve learnt, and to hold many more friendly halaqas for the sake of the deen, ameen ya rabb.
“There are only a few things in life i love more than sisters halaqa” ~Umm muh’d


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