♡ Loving Allah When Tested ♡

♡ Loving Allah When Tested ♡

♡ Loving Allah when Tested ♡  The epitome of a true believer
Umar found himself on a hospital bed one day with numerous injuries and bruises, being the reason for all the pain he was feeling. He had been a victim of a bomb blast that went off in the masjid he had gone to pray subh and is only now regaining consciousness.
Family members of his were all around him, offering  numerous consoling words,  trying their best to get him to be in a good mood. Though behind their smiles, was a another worry about his condition, enough to to keep them weeping, which they were not ready to disclose to him. After several delibrations, the doctors had concluded that a leg of his must be amputated quickly.
Umar, a lively 20 year old boy, born to a well to do family,  with many ambitions, already way ahead in many of them has now met such a fate. Pity and sorrow ovewhelmed all the people that came to know of his condition.
But for Umar, who was an ever pious slave of Allah, his heart was glowing with eeman and brimming with the love of Allah. When his fate was finally disclosed to him, with a cheerful countenance he said: ‘Alhamdulillah, alhamdulilah. Alhamdulillah it’s my leg. What if it were my eye, in which there can be no replacement forever.
More amazing than that was nobody spotted a tear drop down from his eyes even once, but rather, he became the one consoling them every time their emotions got the better of them and even reprimanded them for it was only his fate.
Subhanallah. Allahu akbar kabeeran.

Such a high level of eeman from a young man.
Allah (swt), numerous times in the Qur’an, has reminded us that we’ll be tested,  tested in the things we love: health, wealth, death of loved ones e.t.c and He gives glad tidings to the patient ones.
Those that understand that whatever befalls them, good or bad, is from Allah, and they are always content & patient with the decree of Allah.
Those that know that He loves them even more than they love themselves & and for every little sadness He (swt) puts them through, they get some of their sins removed as compensation.
Those that are aware that the best people to have walked the surface of this earth, the prophets of Allah, were the most severly tested, subhanallah.
Indeed Umar has passed his test. For He was not displeased with His Lord, nor was he impatient at a time when it is the norm for so many to do so. If this isn’t the epitome of a true believer, then what is? 
O Allah (swt) we beseech you to strengthen our eeman, help us to always remember that every good or bad event in our lives is a test, and grant us the ability to pass them all, ameen.
The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: “I am amazed at the believer, how Allah – the Exalted – does not Will for him something except that it is best for him.” (Saheeh al-Jami’)
(A true life story- One of the victims of a Maiduguri Bomb blast )

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