O My Lord…

O My Lord…

🌷 Poetic Saturday 🌷
I was trapped in this Dunya, by my own materialistic dreams, my own determination of pursuing temporary, worldly things. I enslaved myself, by allowing anything else to be stored in my heart except You. I now beseech You, with a heart that has been contaminated by it’s mischief. I prostrate to You, O Lord of The Worlds, anxious but wishful, petrified but faithful. If I reflect upon my sins, O lord, I become frightened, but when I remember You, I yearn for Your endless compassion.

Forgive me, I tried to constantly fill the empty void within me, with everything else except You. But I came to realise, only with You sincerely in my heart I would be truly content. An unknown form of happiness, but it’s always been inside me waiting to be unlocked, a form of bliss that nobody else can bestow. You respond to my calls when I am in need, even when I am slow to react when You call upon me. It is with your light that you guide me, and enrich me with your bounties which are ever descending, but my faults are ever ascending. But that does not prevent you from being The Most Gracious and The Most Kind.

A prison in this world can only deprive me of worldly things, and my time. But allowing anything else in my heart creates a spiritual prison, the absence of peace, and takes away what is eternal and perfect, You. You are the one who protected me and raised me. You are the one who nurtured and educated me when I was ignorant, and guided me when I was misled. The one who elevated me when this Dunya humiliated me, fed me when I had nothing, made me wealthy when I was poor, strengthened me when I was weak, and honored me when I felt insignificant. All praise to you my Lord, without You, I would have not known who You are and consequently realise who I can be.

#ForeverTemporary @imzy189


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