Sudan Hospital Visit (1)


On the 18th of March 2017, Deensisters sisters visited al Ghanza health center which is located in darsalam, Omdurman.

Al Ghanza is a small health center providing mainly outpatient services and inpatient services if the need arises.

We prepared 20 packages targeting 20 patients.
The doctor working there was informed of our arrival prior to the date.

The health center is small with one doctor’s office, a lab, 2 rooms for admission, and a store room.

The doctor informed the patients of the area he knew to come. Most of them who are seriously ill and need admission never stay. They prefer staying at home. He informed them all to come on the visit day. The patients started to arrive at We waited till they reached almost our target number before we addressed them. They included old women and men, and middle aged women and men.

We started by introducing ourselves and what we represent. The doctor translated as we spoke. We told them of the mercy that lies in sickness if one is patient. And advised them to be patient. We advised them to try and adhere to their medications and also seek medical help when the need arises. We told them of the importance of salat, of it been obligatory even if one is sick. We told them though, of the way Allah made it easier if you were sick. The different ways to offer salat according to the circumstance.
After the talk we shared the packages amongst them. 4 was remaining. We told the doctor to give them to any needy sick person that came while we left. 

We did not however find any critical case which needed support. But we left a member’s phone number with the doctor in case anything comes up.

Overall the visit was ok. It wasn’t how we  expected it to be. We found out it wasn’t a hospital but a health center when we arrived. But alhamdulilah the intention mattered I guess. And next time will do  better in sha Allah since this is our first time.

Thank you for all those who donated and contributed, May Allah accept from us all, ameen.

Deensisters…Together For The Pleasure Of Allah. 


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