Time To Let It Out



This is for everyone out there going through some kind of hardship or difficulty, May Allah erase your sorrows and grant you ease.

Stop it. Just stop. Stop what you’re doing to yourself, it’s not fair. Stop holding it in and let it out. Stop denying your pain and holding back those tears. It’s time to let it all out . Stop trying to numb the pain and ignore it, drop your phone and remove those earphones. Stop pretending to be tough, It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling, you’re human and its time to acknowledge your humanity. Let those tears out my dear, let them flow like a river. We cry to heal, so let the healing process begin.

I know it’s painful; the pain, the hurt, the betrayal, the confusion, no matter how small, i know it is. I promise it’s going to get better, it always does. It’s going to hurt a little less everyday until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I know you think nobody understands your pain, but oh how wrong you are. There is one being that has been with you throughout this trying period; Allah Al-Aleem. He was there, He IS here. And He knows…everything! So pour your heart out to Al-Baseer and cry to As-Samee. There’s no need to be afraid, Al-Wali has got your back. Even when you feel you have no one, you’ll always have Al-Baaqi. And remember that Al-Wadud will always love you even when his creation rejects you.

Umm Saabir


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