Constant Struggle


Everyday you’re struggling within yourself, surrounded by temptation upon temptation, you’re running out of places to hide. You wish it was as simple as being able to seek shelter in a cave, from these temptations an escape you wished to find. But it’s not. Nor was it ever meant to be easy. It was meant to be a struggle, because this life was created for toil and struggle. –

The whispers keep on flowing through you, infiltrating your mind. Whispers from the left, from the right, from infront and from behind. There’s no escape from the utterances of the devil, he prompts you whilst he lives on the outside, yet he encourages the demons who live inside you. –

This journey towards your Lord is ever so tiring, not because you aren’t keen on meeting Him, no because God knows how keen you are, rather because of the troubles you must encounter along the way. Encounters with the devil. –

Oh what patience is required to remain steadfast on this rocky path, how many a time your demons urge you to give up, to take another route, but you know, you know that this path is the only one that will lead you to your Lord. –

You fail once, you fail twice, and now your failure appears to be reoccurring, for how long will you err, for how long will you falter? Oh how many times you have scraped your knees, oh how many times you have dirtied your palms along the way. How easy it would be to give up. But giving up wouldn’t be worth it. –

What will you receive for giving up? Nothing. What will you receive for striving? Jannah.
Oh Soul keep striving towards your Lord,  strive in His way and He will lead you to His path. The ultimate path of bliss lies with Him. And it can not be found except through toil and hardship. –

The demons within you will only succeed if you let them. So slay your demons and continue in this toil towards your Lord, endure patiently Oh Soul for your Lord awaits your arrival. –



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