When People Leave..



Ya Allah, here I am again at your doorstep. Another one of Your creation has yet again hurt me and abandoned me. I feel ashamed coming back to You again, for You have always been there for me but I ignored You and went after Your lowly Creations.
But who can I seek refuge in except You Ya Samad?
My heart is broken and shattered and it is only through Your love can it be mended Ya Jabbar. In You I find a safe haven and in You I find a Protecting Friend.
Ya Muhaymin, protect me
Ya Haadi, guide me
Ya Waasi, embrace me
I do not wish to return to being at the mercy of Your creation, they have betrayed me and left me Ya Aleem.
Ya Rauf, heal my aching heart and grant me tranquility, erase my grief and sorrow and replace it with happiness.
Ya Wadud, make my heart attached to You only and allow it to find rest and serenity in Your Words and remembrance. Do not let me taste the torture of being away from You again Ya Rahman, make me dependent on You alone.
Forgive me Ya Ghafuur, for the numerous times I preferred the pleasure of Your creation over You.
I wish to only worship You and serve You Ya Majeed, and be Your devoted slave.
Please accept my repentance and make me sincere Ya Tawwab, help me in keeping my promises to You.
Your Mercy is all I desire and Your pleasure is all i need, Oh The Most Kind, The Most High.


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