☆From the lips of a 1436 hajjite…

☆From the lips of a 1436 hajjite…

Ok: now I’m back at least 48hrs ago and observing the comments of Mina incident of public in general. I’m sorry to say but our people assumptions regarding Mina stampede is really false and they are just creating two impressions 1) discouraging people to perform this unique religion ceremony keeping blame on Saudis, 2) spreading hatred among Muslim hood.

Let me tell you the series of events;

1. Starting from Crane incident the media took a front seat especially foreign like BBC, Economist and Times of India etc and criticising the USD60bn expansion of Haram Sharif. My point was which nation have ever prepared for incidents like tsunami, flash rains & floods, storms etc. I was a prime witness while the Crain fell down and believe me or not it was Act of God. Everything came up in matter of seconds and flew away whatever came in its way. The Crain which fell was the world second largest and installed outside of Haram but it could not sustain the wind pressure and electric lightening and believe me or not the mega Crain fell like a piece of paper in air. It was act of God because even then the prayers didn’t stop and handful of people kept doing Tawaf and I was one of them. On Saudis side they didn’t let people panic and they close the doors for only half an hour, cleared all bodies and injured people from the scene. They didn’t impose any emergency, they left the people to continue their worship.

2. Mina incident: the arrangements at Mina were more than efficient this time. Over 100,000 Askaris/volunteer placed at all the places. Thousands of cold drinking waters tanks and toilets installed in every few meters. To counter heat , they have put extra post of water sprinkle with every  lamb post throughout the streets, thousands of mobile water, juices and cold drinks trucks were there to feed all Hujjajs, plus they have operated the trains & busses to transport people. Most importantly, they had also put the strict vigilance on the illegal entrants to avoid the congestion. Despite every thing again the Act of God started to work. The weather suddenly started becoming hotter from 37 degrees Celsi

us to 48 degrees Celsius. On the first night of Mina there was a storm which came with thunder. This time the winds were hot but the downpour that came with it made the weather cool Alhamdulillah. The very next day Arafat, was the hottest . All air-conditions at camps started to blow hot air and by the end of the day it made people exhausted. Then began the journey from Arafat to Mina. I Myself witnessed the aftermaths of heat, thousands of people starting to faint even our five-star bus gear system get spoilt and the bus stopped working. We had to now walk to our destination too. On the stampede day….over 3million people walked in one direction but unlike previous years this year the heat waves were at all time high. With past two days of fatigue and heat wave it was hard to make way to Jamarat. I believe where the stampede happened it was due to heat, suffocation and people lost patience due to heat. And it all happened. Those who are putting conspiracies like Irani people were responsible for stampede, or convoy movement of prince, or the mistake of Askari over there are just misleading the entire Ummah and helping non-Muslims to counter us.

I bet the way Saudis are facilitating Hujjajs nobody even the super powers like US can do it. Imagine what’s the need of spending USD 60bn for Haram expansion. The power plant to provide entire mosque power is 18,000mw that’s more than power we produce in entire Pakistan.

I must recommend to all Muslims to treat this as Act of God. And I believe Allah is testing all Muslims to see whether Muslims will be scared of all these difficulties surrounding hajj or go ahead with the Hajj in the years to follow. In due course, I believe the jealous international media will keep shaping up our views by pointing wrong and baseless arguments and do their best to put differences among muslims. So the ball in our court.


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