Beautiful Reminder


Do not think about how small the sin is, but think about Who you have just disobeyed.

Ibn Qayyim said:
“Do not belittle a small sin, for the biggest of fires can be caused by the smallest of sparks.”
[al-Fawaa’id 3/227]

Never commit a sin because of its enjoyment.
The enjoyment will eventually go, but
sin will remain with you forever..
When you sin, you ignore Allah’s power to punish you. When you fail to repent, you ignore Allah’s willingness to forgive you.
Your sins are not bigger than Allah’s mercy. Repent now. There is not a single sin which Allah cannot forgive. He is the All-Forgiving.

When you think of committing a sin, think about these things:
1. Allah is watching you 
2. Angels are recording your deeds 
3. Punishment of the grave 
4. You will be answerable on the day of judgement


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