♥What I crave…


Some may crave fame,
Some wealth,
Some eternal youth and health,
And, beauty for the vain.

My prayer Allaah (SWT) is none of these,
I seek the grace of prayer,
A gift so precious and rare,
O’ Gardner of my soul, please plant this seed.

Let my every breath be praise,
Let each heartbeat be a reminder,
To be more loving and kinder,
Remembering how limited my days.

Help me to pray each day,
As if it were my last,
Living now and not in the past.

O’ Allaah (SWT) let my voice be your voice,
Let your desires be mine,
Let me not waste precious time,
Then my soul shall rejoice,
When it returns back to you.
happiest people
Written by Amatullah


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