◆◆Do you know Him??



When the question rises,

“Do you know your Lord?”
and when the blamers blame,
that “Islam is by the sword!”
Are you willing to stand
and give them a say?
Or will you be of those
who will nod and disobey?

Parents get worried
of raising a troubled teen,
counseling and protecting
but the missing ingredient is the Deen.
Facebook statuses complaining,
why “my life is just soo dim!”
Maybe the reason is because,
we just don’t really know Him.

Call to Allaah, and complain to Him,
and expect al-Mujeeb near,
then call up al-Aziz and al-Jabbar,
and gone will be your fear!
Lost a friend and all your hopes
have turned to dust?
Raise your hands to al-Wakeel
a perfect foundation for perfect trust!

And when you feel low
and life feels like a curse.
Turn to al-Khaleeq and He will show
that even you, have a purpose.
About to sin, no one’s watching,
so you intend on sinning deep.
Can you then continue, knowing
Allaah is ar-Raqeeb?

But if you did sin,
don’t listen to the Rajeem.
All he’ll do is blame you
and make you forget Allaah
is ar-Rahmaan, ar-Raheem..

(Learn who Allaah is, O Muslims! You will find yourselves being much alive! Those who are negligent of Allaah.. you will find them dead before their hearts could stop beating..)
By Khidr Ibn Nasir


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