♥The tears that fall…


You know that feeling when pain has permeated your heart and nothing besides it seems to matter?
Sometimes it’s overhwhelming, it seems as though it is taking complete control over you and your life.
It begins to dictate what you do, how you feel and so much more. –

Those tears that fall occasionally tend to result in you feeling like they are falling in vain. Somewhat like they  have no purpose, if anything you feel like they are distracting you from your own purpose. –

But really, you have the ability to decide what role they play in your life.
They have the ability to make you the friend of Allah. Close and beloved to Him. As long as you put the effort in and strive to achieve that. –

So let your tears pour forth as you stand before Him, like a helpless beggar in dire need of what He has to bestow. But what greater blessing is there than that of His bestowing upon you His recognition? –

Let it redirect you back to Him.
If He blesses you with the ability to recognise Him through His blessings, the ability to see, speak, hear, the beauty of the skies and the sea, if all these blessings act as a reminder of Him, then what greater blessing is there than such? –

Remember Him amidst the pain and He shall remember you too.
Be amongst those who recognise Him and you’ll be amongst those who are recognised by Him, those who stand out from all the rest.

By gemsofjannah.


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