One Guarantee…


One day this will soon end,
The smiles you see,
The laughter you hear,
The warmth you feel,
Will all disappear.

One day it will all become a memory,
The date and time of that day
arriving is unknown by all except Allah,
And nothing can be done to change His decree.

The venue you choose is important,
The activity you partake in is vital,
And the company you join
can be detrimental.

Live a life of goodness,
Never enter a place you
would never want to die at,
Never partake in an activity you
would avoid if you knew you were to die,
And never join the company of
those who do not take death seriously.

In life, there is just one guarantee,
And that guarantee is death.

You never know when you
will lose a loved one,
So make everyday a special one,
Live in the moment,
Forgive as if there’s no tomorrow,
and treat each person as if it
were your last day on earth.

Because when tomorrow comes,
And they no longer exist,
Then you will live in regret.

If only…
I wish I had…
Why didn’t I…
I should’ve …
Are the only thoughts that fill your mind.

So live such a life,
That you are left with no regret.

And when you lose someone,
And it hurts so much,
That you wonder how you will go on,
Don’t cry over the loss,
But be grateful to Allah
for time you had with them.

And always remember them
in your prayer,
Because soon, you will
meet them in the hereafter.
(In jannah- Aameen)

By Amatullah_bint_islam


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