♥Beautiful words of advice


Aaidh al-Qarnee’s beautiful words of advice (Author of the famous  ‘Don’t be sad’ & ‘You can be the happiest woman in the world’)                          

1.Your gold is your religion, your adornment is your moral attitude,  and your wealth is your good manners.

2. Soon the flowers will bloom, grief will depart and happiness will prevail.

3. Be optimistic, even if you are in the eye of the storm.

4. Leave the wrong doer to the court of Allah, where there will be no judge but Allah Himself.

5. Futile arguments & trivial discussions take away the sense of peace & tranquility.
6. Check your past and your present, for life is a sequence of experiences from which one should emerge victorious.

7.Prepare for the worst, then u will feel that things are getting better.                           
8. Control your thoughts and u will be happy.

9. Your life is a product of your thoughts.

10. Real beauty lies in beautiful behavior, manners and mind.             

11. Avoid slander as you would avoid the plague.

12. Whoever is unable to fast without any good reason, will never to able to master his self or conquer his desires.


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