The Conversation


As I begin my conversation with the Highest One above me
on His throne, He sits and awaits for His Glory

… Human Imagination is infinite, but imagining His throne
Is out of my reach

Calling out to tell Him His Greatness
yet it’s beyond my speech.. but I try

In details, I tell Him that
He is the Beneficial, The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Al Rahman , Al Raheem
Then bowing down and reminding myself
that all Glory is owed to Him…

Wondering if He hears my whispers and if I’m that worthy slave
Oh Lord what may Your answers be to me?

Coming back to my initial stance
I thank Him for every heart beat that is given to thee

Placing my forehead to the floor , in all humility
softly speaking a few words, as He hears me supplicating for
an eternity of success in this dunyaa and akhira
wishing for nothing less..

I’ve reached the end of talking to Him
It’s time to go but not just yet..
I send my Salam to the two, peaceful greetings
goodbye for now.. As we will reunite once again later

Now I contemplate wondering if He who is my Lord will
speak to me, and greet His slave as I’ve greeted Him
for my own sake

I can only wish and pray, but I ask
Oh Allah please grant me that.. peaceful place


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