~Advice to the seeker of knowledge


In his book ‘Risaalat ilaa taalib-ul-‘ilm (Advice to the seeker of Knowledge)’, Sheikh Sultan Al ‘Utaybi says

“Beware of self admiration and being deceived (by self pride and conceit) for verily it is how righteous people arr destroyed.

“Indeed, humility is a prerequisite for the sincere quest for knowledge. Be not of those whose knowledge becomes the cause of their destruction.And know, O seeker of knowledge, that it is not enough that ‘you know’. Tho knowledge is the foundation, it is only potential power. It is knowledge in action that is power.

Imaam Bukhari (Rahimahullah) says: “Al-‘ilm, Qablal Qauli wal Amal-Knowledge precedes speech and actions.” As Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) says, what is translated as; “So know! that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and seek forgiveness for your sins.”So, He began by mentioning knowledge before speech and action.

Advice is first to he who renders it before it is to he to whom it is rendered. May Allah have mercy on the student of knowledge. Walk the path that was paved by the salaf-us-saalih (pious predecessors) with the humility they had. Let not your striving be rendered vain by self-conceit and arrogance. Let not the knowledge you seek be the cause of your destruction.

Be critical and cautious of Taqlid (Blind followership) and pray as those who did after guidance had come to them; “Rabbana, Laa tuzigh Quluubanaa, ba’ada idh hadaitanaa, wa hablana, min la dunka rahmatan, innaka anatal wahhaab- Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate after you have guided us and grant us mercy from You: Truly You are the Bestower.” {Q3:8}

And all good is undoubtedly from Allah!


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