Ramadan: A Time For Self Improvement


Assalama alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa

You ever wonder why people still sin in ramadan? Why do you and I still feel inclined towards sin in the month when shaytan is not around? Could it be that we have a satan inside of us?

There are two things which make us sin; Shaytan and our nafs. How do we distinguish between the sins caused by satan and those caused by our nafs? Its simple; shaytan wants you to sin, he doesn’t care which type of sin,major or minor,against Allah or against people, he just wants you to sin, so random sins are caused by sins. But there are sins that we are persistent in, a particular one that we just can’t seem to give it up no matter what, those are the ones caused by our nafs.

During Ramadan, since the shayateen are chained up, we recognize the sins of our nafs. The truth is most of us still sin in ramadan, though it is in a minimum level but we still do. But the good thing about it is that we now have the chance to work on the sins caused by our nafs, we have the opportunity to know them and rectify them. Our nafs’ are inclined by default to sin because it says in the Qur’an in Surah Yusuf:

‘…Most surely (man’s) self is inclined towards evil except when my Lord Bestows His Mercy..’Q12:53

Ramadan gives us a unique opportunity learn more about ourselves, our weaknesses and our strengths. But its not just about knowing oneself, its about using that knowledge to work on yourself, to try and find solutions to those sins of your nafs, to try and let go of your bad ways and evil manners. Now when the shayateen are chained up and they’re not around to push you further into sinning, we can use these thirty days to change for the better.

Maybe its that music that you can’t just stop listening to, or that hijab that’s giving you a tough time to wear or maybe that haram r/ship that we can’t seem to break off or the backbiting that’s too sweet to stop; whatever it is, try and see that you rid yourself of it ASAP!

Ramadan will soon come to an end and the shayateen will once be released, and suddenly we’ll have an even harder time abandoning sins. We’re in a constant daily battle with shaytan, but during this month we are at battle with our own nafs; so let’s try and win this battle before these 30 days run by.

Make Duas my brothers and sisters, its not easy this jihadul nafs, I know, but which better time to conquer our evil inclinations except during Ramadan?


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