Allahumma aslihli deeniyal ladhi huwa eswatu amri wa aslihli dunyayal lati fihaa ma’aashi wa aslihli aakhiratiyal lati fihaa ma’aadi wa ahyini maa kaanatil hayaatu khairalli wa tawaffani idhaa kaanatil wafaatu khairalli wajalil hayaata ziyaadatalli fi kulli khairiw wajalil mauta raahatalli min kulli sharrin.

O Allah set right my deeni (religious) life which is a safeguard in all my affairs, and set right my worldly life which is a source of my earning and maintenance, and set right my life of the Hereafter unto which is my ultimate return; and keep me alive so long as it is in my best interest and take me from this world when death is in my best interest; and make my life a source of earning more and more good and virtue ; and make death a means of comfort for me from all evil and problems.


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