Silence is salvation


In the name of Allah, Our Creator, the Most Beneficial, the Most Merciful.

The fact that practicing muslims take the issue of the tongue very lightly is quite disturbing. We are careful about our dressing, our whereabouts, our food & drink, and atimes even our shampoos and the skin-make of our shoes, but when it comes to the tongue; we let it loose to say what it wants and think we can go scott free.

When Mu’aadh Ibn Jabal (ra)asked the prophet (saw), “O prophet of Allah, will be held accountable for what we say?” He replied, “Your mother would grieve for you O Mu’adh (a way of showing amazement, not that he meant it literally), will people not be thrown on into the fire on their faces only because of the fruits of their tongues?” [At-tirmidhee Hadith 2616]

When we begin to speak we should only speak good or be silent as the prophet (saw) commanded. The faults of others are not ours to count as we ourselves are not faultless and that is what most people fall prey to.

The prophet (saw) completely prohibited backibiting which he said is to mention your with something he dislikes. “Suppose what I say about my brother is true?” He (saw) answered, “if what you said about him is true, then you have backbitten him; and if what you said about him is not true, then you have slandered him”.

The sin of back biting is indeed a gravious one. As the prophet saw said, you will repay that person with your good deeds on that day at the gates of jannah, wa iyyazubillah. (I.e if the person did not forgive you already).

Ramadhan is almost here & we know our tongues alone can nullify our fast: ‘‘Whosoever does not abandon false speech and the acting upon it, Allaah is not in need off him abandoning his food and drink.’’ [Al-Bukhaaree (4/99)]

Adopt silence, for indeed in silence there is salvation for wrongdoings of the tongue in this dunya and from the punishment in the akhirah.

And Allah knows best.


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