26. AL-BASEER – The All Seer



26. AL-BASEER – The All Seer

This Name is a point of great reflection for all of us. Not only does He see everything without escape, but He also understands and has perfect insight on everything.

For all those who are struggling to leave behind those sins, that weakness, that laxness in Deen, and those habits that we carry out in secret, the biggest task is to internalize the meaning of al-Baseer. Do we honestly believe that He, Al-Baseer is witness to everything we do, in private and in open?

Perfect internalization of this Name will stop our inner conscience from betraying us into thinking ‘Just do it. Noone is watching you right now anyway.’ And when you are sure al-Baseer is watching, every time, all the time, wouldn’t you want to be at your best – whether the world sees you or not?

And secondly, al-Baseer is a great comfort to our hearts because:

(a) Nothing has pricked us, no harm or anxiety, or the slightest of struggles, but be sure that al-Baseer has understood you, recorded it and written your reward for it.

(b) No doer of injustice, no oppressor can escape al-Baseer, His Watchful Gaze and His Record of Deeds which is filling up with every evil act, every harm inflicted on the world in general, and His pious slaves, in particular. This gives the believer tremendous comfort and is a dire warning to the masters of evil in dunya.

So wait patiently for your Lord’s decree, for surely you are in Our Sight. [52: 48]

Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry thing but that it is [written] in a clear record. [6:59]


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