The One Who opens for His slaves closed worldly and religious matters. He is the Opener of hearts of the faithful to His Knowledge, and opens gates of forgiveness for those who repent.

When the journey ahead is full of uncertainty and doubt, it is al-Fattaah who alone has the Power to turn that doubt into confidence, that alluding matter into one of comfort, those troublesome thoughts into calmed feelings!

Asking Allah by this Name will change the way you look at your problems and confusions. For you will know that no matter is difficult for al-Fattaah to ease for you, no journey ahead is impossible for Him to guide you through, and no calamity can permanently trap you – because al-Fattaah will opens doors of guidance and sustenance from the darkest and most obscure of paths!

When you are worried about the guidance of your family or friends, that ‘one’ person you fear will never follow Haqq, ask al-Fattaah to open his or her heart to guidance and His Love!


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