The Shaper Who forms His creation in the best possible way, made them numerous and unique, perfectly adapted to the ends for which they were created.

What most of us fail to realise is that we have been created by the One who is Most Perfect in the best of ways! Allah ‘azza wa jalla says:

“Indeed, We have created man upon the best of forms.” (Surah Teen: 4)

He is al-Khaaliq, al-Baari, al-Musawwir who has complete knowledge of what He created, what is the need of His creation, and what characteristics they need for living in excellence.

Therefore reflect on the Name al-Musawwir and take yourselves out of any complexes (superiority or inferiority), and do not fall prey to commercialisation of beauty that exploits you for its own capitalistic benefit!

Rather, remember that is al-Musawwir who made you in the best of forms, and further remember that it is not the color of your skin or the shape of your body, rather coming to Allah with Tawheed and Taqwa that truly differentiate the winners from the losers!


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