The One Who brings everything from non-existence to existence, Who created things out of nothing with no precedence and for a purpose known only to Him.

This is a Name that cannot be proclaimed by anyone but Him. For there is no one, except Him ‘azza wa jalla, who can create something out of nothing. It is startling that we cross over the creation of Al-Khaaliq without a backward glance and then proclaim that we cannot see the Signs of Allah on earth! How can anyone who has seen the sun rise and then set, the tremulous waves of the oceans swell and then crash, the birds and flowers with their hues and forms refuse to acknowledge the Most Perfect Creator!

Most of all, haven’t you pondered upon your own creation out of nothing, ears, and hands and a walking talking miracle!

Glorified is He and far removed from anyone they ascribe as partners with al-Khaaliq!


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