Except the Mukhliseen


By Umm Hamza


They keep their duties to Allah, they are
devoted and sincere
Remembering Him and Obeying Him; their
hearts are pure and clear

Their efforts are towards Him; with Him they
associate no partners
They leave out sins and avoid them because
for the hearts, they are hardeners

Their gaze on Allah is fixed, their intentions
are never mixed, they know about his tricks
so they chase him with their bricks…of

And Allah has got their backs, because to
Him they always turn,
Seeking forgiveness when they slip into that
against which He warned

And when they are tested, he kinda hopes he
gets a way
But if they are patient, Allaah cleanses them
all the way

And Khalas! They are freed in the end,
liberated from the shackles of Sin
They succeed and gain acceptance because
they were of the Mukhliseen.


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