Zoom in on marriage


She sobbed immensely, she’s over-aged to get married and even having children has been long due for her age. But here she is, still single and not even having a potential suitor. Now and then, she’s always the topic of discuss, she’s been turned into an object of ridicule and mockery. Fingers now point at her as regards her chastity.


This are all our beloveth Sister Fateemah gets from her brethen in faith, which totally opposes the Islamic brotherhood we should display. The sound teaching is not to insult her nor falsely accuse her, pray for het, you don’t know her story, you dont know the battle she’s striving to fight and conquer. And clearly has it been mentioned in the Qur’an that Decree is Allah’s nd He S.W.T decrees as and when He wills. The Qur’an debunks d practise of openly acusing chaste women as regards their chastity without clear evidence against them.

Glad tidings to my beloveth brethens who exit the world and return to Our Creator while remaining chaste and hoping in their Lord for a pious spouse. Surely your reward and dream come true awaits you with your Lord.

And who says there are no Sahabaas nd Sahabiyaat who died before getting married?

Our beloveth mother, a great character in the life of Our Rasul S.A.W, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid got married at the age of 40. Patience and firm belief in Allahs’ might earned her this. Sucessful and pious was she!

No doubts, as regards nikkah, the earlier the better. Ma shaa Allah. But in all, we must not succumb to the ‘ anything goes ‘ mindset. NO! agaisnt all odds, we shouldnt.

Our Leader Muhammad ( S.A.W ) has given us the solid foundation builders – RELIGION AND CHARACTER. Were religion enough, He wouldnt have stressed the CHARACTER. A great component of the deen it is.

At this juncture, i cant help but lay emphasis on the words of the Prophet S.A.W ‘ fa alayka bizaatid deen ‘, please lets note here that He didnt say ‘ Fa alayka bizaatyl Ilm ‘. Religion has a WIDER scope than knowledge which is a pre-requisite for the former. One can be knowledgeable without being religious. BEWARE! NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD … Everyone wants a good and ideal spouse, dont forget your ownself. Amend your weak traits and get ready to manage the differences. And remember it’s from the excellence of one’s character to love for his brother what he loves for himself -Hadith.

You want a spouse good for you? Then in all fairness and equity, try to be a spouse good enough for someone out there.

I beseech Allaah Azwajaal to grant one and all, spouses who wil be our better-halves, be d coolness nd comfort of our eyes in shaa Allaah and bless the products ( offsprings ) therein of such blissful unions. Ameen!

Wa akhiru da’wana anil hamdulil Laahy Rabbyl Alaameen. A kully qauly hazaa, Astaghfirul Laahy li wa Lakum, wa kaafatil muslimun.

Habeebah Abubakar.


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